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Who's Who Chicago: Centerstage People
Pasha Carroll
Personal Website:
Pasha is a sun-lover and travel enthusiast. So, how did she end up in Chicago this past summer without ever having visiting the city?

She came via Buffalo, San Antonio, Boston, New York, Destin, Atlanta, London and Costa Rica...she was a little tired when she arrived. Having moved nearly every year for the past 10, Pasha hopes to find home in Chi-town.

Never one to make a choice, Pasha transferred three times before graduating from Hunter College on New York's Upper East Side in 2004 with her Bachelor’s in Media Communications. She worked as a reporter in Destin – a Florida resort town, and then Atlanta before deciding to cut loose to travel.

Pasha went freelance last year and has yet to look back. She writes for several magazines and a few websites, including her own. You can find her waiting on tables and bartending a few nights a week. She figures that writing will buy her shoes and the bar will pay her bills!


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