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View Map676 N. St. Clair, Chicago
Tel: (312) 202-0001
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Editorial Review of TRU

From the moment you step through the revolving front door, it's obvious: Tru is high-class incarnate (and that's just the entryway). It's the kind of classy French restaurant you've seen in movies but never knew existed; so classy you'll wonder if you're wearing ample ties and cufflinks and if your shoes are shiny enough. But don't worry about any of that—just make sure to wear a suit jacket, because that's mandatory.

Dinner is three courses at a fixed price of $95, and it includes your choice of appetizer (try the prime beef tartare), one main course (perhaps the prime beef rib-eye) and your choice of cheeses or dessert (we suggest the dessert). Executive chef Rick Tramonto and chef de cuisine Tim Graham have meticulously crafted an array of eating options so diverse and delicious you won't need the check to remind you how much it costs—indeed, each savoring bite and tight-lipped taste will be doing that for you.

If the high-class atmosphere isn't immediately apparent after the wait staff treats you like royalty, it's guaranteed to be when you see the carefully constructed visual design. Taking a cue from Art Deco, the massive white walls have been sporadically decorated (to symmetric perfection) with artwork that had to cost well into the thousands and beyond, as well as splashes of bright, warm colors that can't help but catch your eye. The soft, black chairs are more comfy than your La-Z-Boy at home, and the menus are made of fine, white leather—so fine, in fact, it's a wonder the silverware isn't made of something finer, perhaps solid gold or platinum. Then there are the charcoal black floors and dining tables, which contrast quite nicely with the white wall and ceiling counterparts, like an enormous chess board where you're one of the pieces.

Sure, the food here is pricey, but Tru—beautiful, elegant and immaculate, to say the least—is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of place to eat. Treat yourself and yourself will thank you later.

Average cost: $31+

Centerstage Reviewer: Benjamin Andrew Moore

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5:30-10 p.m. Monday-Thursday; 5-11 p.m. Friday-Saturday; closed Sunday

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