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in Edgewater or Thorndale on the Red line

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Ras Dashen

View Map5846 N. Broadway St., Chicago
Tel: (773) 506-9601
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Editorial Review of Ras Dashen

Ras Dashen
Edgewater residents love Ethiopian food, as is apparent from the plethora of said restaurants, including Ethiopian Diamond and The Peacock, that line Broadway Avenue. Ras Dashen, named after the highest mountain in Ethiopia, is no exception. But here you'll have to try one of the 25 international specialty beers while chewing the soft injera bread and tasty array of Ethiopian eats.

Founded by Ethiopian native Maritu Zenash, and owned by Kevin Swier, Ras Dashen offers so-called "comfort food." Inside the space, which is covered with dark carpet, visitors may sit on large chairs in front of a table where the server places the bread. Using the injera as your plate and eating utensil, you'll eat the Ethiopian way — no forks allowed!

There are plenty of side dishes to choose from, including stewed lentils with okra, lebleb beef stew, and a variety of veggies such as qosta (spinach), gomen (collard greens) and yeqay tikil gomen (sweet and sour red cabbage). Get a vegetarian combo, including five of the veggie dishes, for only $11.95; meat combos featuring two meat items such as the kitfo tere (Ethiopian steak tartar seasoned with kibe and mitmita) or sega wat (beef chunks cooked in a a berbere sauce), cost $14.95. Don't miss the special fish entrees, such as asa wat (boneless tilapia cooked in berbere sauce) or the beef entrees like gored gored (beef brisket sautéed with onions, green peppers and berere) for $15.95.

Finish off the meal with a pot of Ethiopian coffee — not only is it organic, fair-trade and shade grown, but it comes in a thick, caste iron pot that's perfect for pouring.

Average cost: $10-$20

Centerstage Reviewer: Alicia Eler

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noon-11 p.m. daily

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