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Recent Reviews - Yoga

Ruby Room Review
I love the ruby room :) Ive been going for a while there, mostly receiving energy work in the healing sanctuary. Its been an amazing thing for me to be able to get a service in the craziness of living in Chicago that can help you feel grounded, present, and happy :)Melanie is amazing, as is the rest of the ruby room staff.

- By Stacey (Sunday 7/18/10 12:50 PM)

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Happy Hour Yoga Review
How "funny" that Karen teaches this yoga class at "Stop Smiling," because Karen is a smile! She's clever and witty -- and also an excellent yoga instructor. A class with her is both challenging and fun!

- By Monica B (Tuesday 4/20/10 12:35 PM)

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Happy Hour Yoga Review
Karen's Happy Hour yoga is a great way to relax, unwind, yet still stretch and strengthen your body. Each class is tailored to the audience that night, so you never know what you're gonna get, but it's always good. She's fun, easy-going, and knows what she's doing.

- By Megan (Monday 3/29/10 4:55 PM)

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CorePower Yoga (South Loop) Review
Tried the week free. Never did yoga before. It is addicting. The hardest workout I have ever done. I usually run or do cardio and I have never sweated like this in my life. It was also very exhilherating at the same time. Give it a try the instructors are great. I am happy and joined as a member.

- By Rachelle (Wednesday 10/14/09 4:39 PM)

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Sweet Magic Studio Review
I had the pleasure of learning to Belly Dance thanks to Sweet Magic Studio! In one fantastic hour, Kareena enthusiastically taught 15 of my best girlfriends to belly dance as part of a bachelorette party. She was attentive to our strengths and quickly adjusted as we learned more difficult combinations. I can't wait to do it again! Thank you Kareena!

- By Ali (Thursday 8/27/09 3:50 PM)

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Flow Review
I have been going to flow for almost 3 years and love it. It has given me great results with my mind and body - something I had not found until I went to Flow. The instructors are great - very attentive and knowledgeable. The classes are typically small (less than 8) so each person in the class gets individual attention to maximize her workout. There are a variety of classes to take so your workout is always fun and new!

- By Megan (Monday 6/22/09 5:03 PM)

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Chi-Town Shakti: Yoga + Meditation Review
I am actually really impressed by this yoga studio. The staff was really friendly, the class was wonderfully invigorating and energizing while still making me feel very much at peace. Akaram was a great instructor and was very precise. Wonderful experience.

- By Chris (Monday 5/4/09 9:14 PM)

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Chicago River North Pilates Review
I used to train at this studio when I lived in Chicago. The instructors are knowlegable, great and everyone is friendly.

I highly recommend this studio.

- By Monica (Wednesday 12/17/08 10:50 AM)

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The Peace School Review
I've been going to the Peace School for martial arts and yoga for several years. The school is great for all ages and all ability levels. I bring my three kids, and they always have a great time. The Peace School not only teaches martial arts, but it also encourages the students to act peacefully and to wish for world peace. The style is similar to taekwondo, though it has some unique movements. If you are looking for a supportive, traditional school, this is the place for you and your family.

- By Alexis (Wednesday 5/14/08 10:42 AM)

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Yogaview Review
Yogaview is not snobby. The classes are really creative--the instructors are helpful--and the space is really beautiful.

As for the "jet-setting" crowd -- I'm not sure what that means. Every class I've been to is filled with all different types of people, many of whom I think I could be friends with if yoga wasn't such an individual thing -- and I'm NOT a jet-setter, just a high school teacher who tries to squeeze yogaview into her busy schedule as much as possible.

Yogaview is very much worth the effort.

- By Becky (Tuesday 2/12/08 1:24 PM)

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Shen Shen Health & Harmony Review
I was going thru a period of extreme stress in my life -my muscles were tight bundles of knots, my immune system weak and my emotions frazzled and drained. When I tried a series of Roger's unique blend of Trager and manual lymph drainage, my muscles relaxed and stayed that way. I lost the water weight my body was storing and was able to sleep more deeply and calmly. My experience at Shen Shen was so positive and healthy, I have recommended it to my family and friends . Everyone who has taken my advice is happy they did and have become Shen Shen "fans"!I am so grateful for Roger's skill and compassion and so glad I found Shen Shen !

- By Karin Schroeder (Wednesday 2/6/08 7:04 PM)

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Sweet Magic Studio Review
I have been taking bellydance classes at Sweet Magic Studio on Sundays for just a short time. My instructor is Alexandria and I truly enjoy her style of teaching. I actually have been dancing with Alexandria for almost a year; she previously taught at another dance studio. After having learned so much from her during that time, I was very happy to join her new class. Like another Sweet Magic student, I also travel a distance to come to class. That is how much I value, Alexandria's teaching style. Under her instruction, I have developed more flexiblity and expertise in doing isolations. Alexandria is a very elegant dancer and I look forward to learning some of her choreography.

- By Michele Armand (Friday 12/28/07 10:21 PM)

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Sweet Magic Studio Review
The beginning yoga class with Kareena is my very first attempt at Yoga and I am so glad I started here! Kareena is so helpful and instructive. If I don't quite get the position she'll come over and go through it step by step for me. She is especially supportive and fun to be around making the experience well worth it.

- By Annie (Monday 12/17/07 5:05 PM)

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Sweet Magic Studio Review
I am a beginning belly dancing student, just started in September. I love the studio, and the people. Alexandria is my instructor. She is kind, positive and leads a very well-structured class. She gives personal attention to those who need help, while still pushing the class as a whole to go further. She also explains every move well--which is SO helpful when you are learning to isolate parts of your body you never knew you had. Kareena is also very kind and helpful. Her ability to break down moves is invaluable. She has a gentle and positive aura and her studio reflects that. I am so happy that I found this place!

- By Sarahmaria (Wednesday 12/12/07 4:02 PM)

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Sweet Magic Studio Review
To me Kareena's Studio is one of my best finds in a very long time. As soon as I walk in the door I feel transformed. From the sexy pillows and the romantic ambiance , it makes me feel like i am truely a dancer somewhere out in the Middle East. Not only do i love the seductive movements taught by belly dancing but also the one hour work out i get after all is said and done. Even though I live all the way in Indiana, I make it a point to show up every wednesday possible to enjoy an hour of being tranformed into a sexy belly dancer, well that is my hope for someday in the future. With Kareena's help, I'm sure I;m on my way!!!!!!! p.s. I also like Rochelle's ballet/hip hop class, it brings out the jazzy side in us!!!! Keep up the good work Kareena!!!

- By Juana Perez (Saturday 12/8/07 1:09 PM)

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Body Endeavors Pilates Review
I just recently discovered this studio even though it's been an Old Town staple for almost 10 years. Boy am I happy I found Body Endeavors. Every detail from class management to studio decor you can tell is handled with the utmost care and respect.

What drew me to Body Endeavors was the advertisement for their 6 week Jump Start program. I have to be honest and admit that as a mid-50's woman I have not taken as good of care of myself as I should have and now I find myself with low energy most days and poor eating habits.

What I love most about Body Endeavors is that they offer more than "just" pilates but w/o any of the hassle or pressure of a full scale urban health club.

I'm currently taking Mat Classes twice a week while working with a private Personal Trainer that Body Endeavors offers as an offsite option.

Please take some time to check out this gem. The staff is knowledgable and courteous and the studio environment is motivating and mellow at the same time.

- By Judy Fileff (Tuesday 10/9/07 12:04 PM)

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The Yoga Boutique Review
I look forward to going to the yoga boutique because it is more than just a place to work out. It is warm, inviting, and laid back. It is so nice to take classes there instead of the large fitness club I have belonged to for years.

- By Betsy Jansky (Tuesday 9/25/07 2:37 PM)

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The Yoga Boutique Review
This is the first time taking pilates classes at the suggestion of a friend, and I'm glad I have! I have really enjoyed them so far (not to mention they are TOUGH... and I love it!) Great environment, convenient location, and a terrific instructor. The Yoga Boutique gets my two thumbs up.

- By Todd Livergood (Monday 8/20/07 11:33 AM)

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Yogaview Review
A swank place that offers a lot of classes, and especially classes for beginners. The class for children rocks, rocks, rocks! Overall, a worthwhile experience and some very dedicated teachers.

I would say the only negative is that if you need to borrow a mat, they have very thin filthy ones that are crumbling apart and have holes in them!

Another warning: the Yogaview atmosphere is fairly snobby. Get ready for the jet-setting crowd and a place that doesn't feel like they need your business.

- By Liz (Thursday 8/2/07 5:26 PM)

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Three Pillars Wellness Center Review
I am so thankful to have found this place and the instructor Tipsuda (or Tippy)SHE IS AWESOME!!!! Tippy made me feel comfortable being a first timer, and she made the class so energetic and fun. When I left that class yesterday I felt like a woman again, like I was sexy and on my way to a better physical and mental journey. I am hooked and will be a life time member of Tippy's belly dancing class. Also, Kudo's to Tim the owner he has done a great job with this center, and when I registered he was very informative and warm, so his instructors feed off of his great energy. I recommend this place highly if you want a better you.

Thanks, Mechell

- By Mechell Bridges (Friday 7/20/07 9:20 AM)

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