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Recent Reviews - Wine & Grocery

Pasta Fresh Review
pastafresh is like having italy in chicago, owner Anthony B, is a true gentleman and offers the best in italian cuisine. complimenti !!

- By Michael Belmonte (Saturday 7/24/10 6:32 PM)

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Cermak Produce Review
I feel very happy about Cermak Produce that I accidently discovered a few years ago. Ever since then I always shop for my groceries at Cermak. I enjoy its reasonable prices and a wide variety of fresh fruits, greens and vegetables, and fresh meat as well. I always tell my neighbors and friends to visit Cermak Produce for its fresh groceries and reasonable prices next to Aldi's on Cermak and Paulina streets. Steve H., Chicago, IL

- By Steve Horvath (Sunday 7/18/10 5:50 AM)

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T&C Meat Review
I've been using them for years and have never had an issue. The food is excellent and so are the prices. It beats any other Puerto Rican food in the city.

- By Linda (Wednesday 6/23/10 12:50 PM)

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Armanetti Wine Shoppe and Beverage Mart Review
We ducked into Armanetti's unassuming storefront in search of BYOB wines and were astounded to find some of our favorite wine producers on the shelves--I'm talking tiny production, high quality wineries like Huber, Showket, and Ecluse, which really surprised us. Good global representation and a very fine selection of obscure (and great) sparkling wine. Knowledgeable staff; inspired wine, beer AND spirits selections all fairly priced, especially compared with Lush on Roscoe. Exceptionally clean and bright--very appealing. We'll definitely be back.

- By Vaportom (Tuesday 1/26/10 10:33 PM)

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Rosario's Italian Sausage Review
My family has been going to Rosario's for decades. Every holiday, the beef was from Rosario's, every time somebody came to Chicago to visit we got beef from Rosario' is the best beef on the planet!

- By Sophia (Thursday 12/31/09 11:34 AM)

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Larrabee Herbs Review
I have used Larrabee Herbs for several years. The owners are very knowledgeable although very dogmatic about what they believe. They are not driven to sell to you. Rather they want to educate you and I have found all of their advice helpful. Their selection of herbs is extensive and I recommend them.

- By BDW (Thursday 12/17/09 9:04 AM)

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Middle East Bakery and Grocery Review
Good selection of Levantine staples, as well as some Balkan and Turkish items. Excellent hoomis and other prepared items in the refrigerator, and good felafil sandwiches etc in the cookshop. I depend on this shop for homemade tahini, far better than the factory stuff, and various canned goods are far cheaper here than in standard grocery store. I've been a customer here for over a decade, making weekly visits from the suburbs, and have always been greeted warmly. None of the anonymity and indifference that I meet elsewhere. My favorite place in Chicago.

- By Lawrence (Thursday 8/13/09 2:30 PM)

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Captain Alex Seafood Review
I was amazed how fresh the fish was and the prices were very reasonable. It was great to see so much fish from all over the country that looked like it just came out of the water. This place was amazing.

- By Simon Levenstein (Wednesday 7/8/09 11:18 AM)

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Viking Cooking School and Culinary Shop Review
I took the Basic Knife Skills Class and I thought it was GREAT! The class exceeded my expectations. I learned a tremendous amount and felt it was time well spent and excellent value. The chef was personable and very informative. A bonus was keeping the Viking Apron.

- By GI (Wednesday 7/1/09 7:36 PM)

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bon bon Review
It feels like two angels just fell in love in my mouth.

I just tried bon bon chocolates for the first time this weekend, and I have to say that they are the best I have ever eaten. (Trust me, I have eaten a lot of chocolate.)

The packaging is kitschy and pretty, and everything about the chocolate screams quality. Best of all it's local (I live ten miles away but when you find a store like this, the travel is worth it.)

The exotic flavors are reminiscent of the high end chocolatiers in Europe, but the quality of production, innovation, and pride in their work makes bon bon stand apart from anywhere I have ever tried.

I will be definitely be trying more, and I have already promised to take my mom to visit the store when she comes to visit in the summer. I can't wait!!

- By Emma (Sunday 5/3/09 1:11 PM)

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Nottoli and Son Review
I have been going to Nottoli since it was located in my old neighborhood at Chicago & Hamlin. It is absolutely the best Italian sausage in Chicago. Their deli and sandwich's are also the best. I've had the meatball, beef and sausage and I've never found better.

- By Mike P (Saturday 4/18/09 11:55 AM)

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Old Town Oil Review
I love going to Chicago and went to Old Town for my first time and found a treasure of a shop! Great atmosphere,great service! What a energetic and educated staff! Love the flavor selections. I have been telling everyone this is a must on there next trip to Chicago.

- By Rosalyn Groh (Saturday 4/4/09 9:42 AM)

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Patel Brothers Review
I siriusly love patel brothers.. I love the guys that work there.. they are so sweet.. i wish they had stuffs for teenagers too.. not just groceries. I LOVE PATEL BROTHERS..

- By Asin (Monday 3/9/09 11:46 AM)

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Green Grocer Chicago Review
This is one of the nicest places to shop. Cassie Green, Head Stock girl and Owner is super friendly, knowledgeable about all her local and organic products. I love shopping there and feel really good about supporting her and her products.

- By Shauna Angel Blue (Monday 2/9/09 1:02 PM)

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Hershey's Review
Neat place. They have a place you can watch chocolate being made, They have all the Hersheys favorites, They have an ice Cream, Sundae Bar and a really neat gift area. i recommend this for families highly or just people who like Chocolate.

- By Dave (Tuesday 1/20/09 6:21 AM)

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Sarah's Pastries & Candies Review
Sarah's is hands down the best pastry shop in Chicago. I absolutely adore this place. Not only are the treats delicious, but the staff is super friendly and accomodating. I met with Sarah herself a few times to go over a special event that I was hosting and she was extremely warm and professional. I can't imagine anyone having anything bad to say about this talented, young, entraprenuer who devotes herself to her product and customers.

- By LG (Tuesday 12/2/08 1:18 PM)

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August Grocery Review
If the owners of August reads this they'll know who wrote the review. Have you tried the Skate fish? I'd never had it until August came to town and now it is my favorite. The owner occasionally makes his own sausages--delicious. Anyone who could get me to taste squid--that's how much I like their food.

- By Skate (Friday 10/10/08 4:15 PM)

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Maxwell Street Market Review
Congratulations on the success of the new Maxwell Street Market. It is neat, clean and well organized. I have been a Vendor and a customer since 1947. The managing staff has been very helpful to the Vendors during this transition and should be commended. I have heard many complaints from customers that parking is a major problem. As a Vendor for over 50 years, I am disappointed not to have been considered a space of my choice.

Wishing continued success,

Vendor No. 468

- By arthur santilli (Tuesday 9/30/08 8:46 PM)

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Aunt Diana's Candy Makers Review
Aunt Diana's chocolate is the best in the world according to my chocoholic wife. I'm expecting that it will be the highlight of my gifts for her for our upcoming 20th wedding anniversary.

- By Richard Bonfiglio (Saturday 8/23/08 11:26 PM)

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A & G Fresh Market Review
This grocery store is one example of what makes Chicago so great. Their deli - WAY less expensive than the big guys - offers up almost anything imaginable, and then some. Pierogies, genuine polish sausages hanging for you to pick, varieties of ricotta cheese (european and mexican) ceviche, marinated meats.... The bakery is absolutely lovely and you may never want to make your own stuff again..... And best of all, really reasonable prices. I am so happy to have learned about A & G!!!

- By LG (Tuesday 7/1/08 10:23 AM)

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