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Slice of Chicago Pizza Tours Review
I am an Italian American and wanted to learn more about pizza, which I believe comes from Italy. I make thin-crust myself, but wanted to learn about deep-dish, since I didn't really know about its history. I had previously eaten at two of the restaurants, but we did stop at one that I had never even heard of, and we've ordered in from there since taking the tour. My wife and I thought that the information was really neat and understandable, that the walking distance was just about right and we particularly liked meeting and talking with one of the pizzeria's owners--great guy who gave away a shot glass to the winner of a trivia question. I would recommend the tour if you are interested in Chicago pizza history and are looking for a fun time.

- By Ed Forillo (Thursday 4/29/10 8:48 AM)

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Blommer Chocolate Company Review
Bloomer Chocolate factory is a delicious experience from the outside to the inside. Smelling the chocolate is an aromatic indulgence that brightens the day and soothes the mind. The taste is incredible to the senses within.

- By Angela-Lisa Brewer (Thursday 6/11/09 10:13 AM)

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Antique Coach & Carriage Review
I have taken carriage rides from the few major companies and i loved this one. The driver was friendly,and went out of his way to explain what we were seeing (even though we knew because we live here). Nice job all the way around. I would tell anyone visiting to take thias ride, it is well worth the price.

- By Dave (Tuesday 1/20/09 6:26 AM)

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Richard H. Driehaus Museum Review
The museum is amazing! You really can't imagine how opulent it is until you see it. Very worthwhile, esp. if you're interested in Chicago history.

- By Remi (Tuesday 11/25/08 5:42 PM)

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Bobby's Bike Hike Chicago Review
We did the lake tour with Kelly. She was awesome, the bikes were comfortable, the riding was easy and safe for all ages, and it is well worth the price (helmet included). Might not be as fun in nasty weather, but plan ahead, make sure to make your reservation, and you'll have a blast. Plus you'll get a little exercise and be friendly to the environment!

- By Tasha Parman (Thursday 6/26/08 1:46 PM)

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Bobby's Bike Hike Chicago Review
Had agreat time, Kelli was a wonderful guide no doubt she loves her job. It was amazing experience to ride in the street. If you can ride a bike, you would enjoy this experience.

- By Corrie (Tuesday 4/15/08 8:39 PM)

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Garfield Park Conservatory Review
This well-preserved jewel serves as an antidote to the cold drab season. Our visit brightened the weekend visit to Chicago.

- By Peter Mitchell (Monday 3/3/08 12:35 PM)

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Truman College Review
Truman College is THE best! I just moved here from California and have the best experience with the staff at Truman College. They have given me great guidance on the steps I need to take to become a student there. They processed my application via internet within 24 hours and my financial aid within 24 hours of that. It only takes 2-3 work days to grade the essay (English) portion of the assessment test and the math portion is immediate.

The bottom line is that it takes less than one work-week to get everything in order to become a full-time student! That's amazing! I'm so impressed. *Given that you have already filled out your FAFSA.

Good luck and don't hold back on yourself of your future.

- By Meghan (Wednesday 11/21/07 8:27 PM)

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Norwood Park Historical Society Review
I go on the annual Holiday House Tour each year in December and to the craft show that runs at the same time. The craft show is done beautifully in the oldest house in Chicago and is a real treat to see. I always make sure to stop in for lunch to enjoy a wonderful hot meal along with some fun ladies that make you feel very welcome. The houses on the walk are always something to see and for the price of $20.00 you can't go wrong. Norwood Park is a lovely area so spending the day there is an annual delight which I truly recommend. What a great girlfriends day out.

- By Cassy (Sunday 10/14/07 2:22 AM)

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Weird Chicago Tours Review
My school went on the Weird Chicago Ghost tour today, this was the best feild trip i've ever been on. if your a history buff like me, this tour will provide you with lots of little unknown facts about the city. Varying from the place of the saint valentines day massarcre gun down, to the spot of john dillangers death, this was a great tour, and i would definitly do it again, i recomend it to anyone.

- By Shane Stutzel (Wednesday 10/25/06 10:53 PM)

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Brookfield Zoo Review
This place is great. I live in Chicago and find it easy to get out to Brookfield via I-55 or I-290. Only a few minutes' drive.

Amazingly cool animals. Gorgeous grounds. I love it.

- By Fritz (Wednesday 6/14/06 7:38 AM)

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Untouchable Tours Review
We had a great time! It was informative and entertaining. We got to see and hear stories about places in Chicago that we never would have known about if it wasn't for this tour. The guides, Lefty and Louie were did a great job of story telling!

- By Sherry (Tuesday 5/30/06 12:30 PM)

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Lakeshore Sail Charters Review
We had our office outing on the boat and it was fantastic! The boat was beautiful, the crew was very nice and easy going, "love their taste in music", and the water was magical. We would highly recommend this to any and everyone and I am sure we will go again soon!

- By Benita Capps (Thursday 11/11/04 8:18 PM)

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Boulevard Bikes Review
Incredible expertise. These guys were committed to fixing my very fussy, very old, and relatively abused road bike, and actually went out of their way to make sure they didn't charge me too much. They are commited to creating an environment that supports biking in the city, and that's something that benefits all of us, even those squeamish over-sensitive car owners who can't face the fact that we all pay [with our asthma, tax dollars for war in Iraq, etc.] for their relatively cheap gas.

So, some people need cars. Fine. Support this shop anyway. You'll get the best service, the best deal, and they'll treat you well.

- By girleen (Wednesday 9/22/04 11:25 PM)

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Daisy Shop: Women's Couture Resale Review
This is a fine resale shop. I was a newbie to resale and happened into The Daisy Shop. It was a wonderful first experience and it spoiled me for ever. Go there and risk being spoiled.

- By Beola (Saturday 9/4/04 5:40 PM)

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Boulevard Bikes Review
Thumbs up.

A bike shop that supports the Critical Mass crowd and bike advocacy. Good, solid service.

- By Todd (Tuesday 4/20/04 1:46 PM)

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Daisy Shop: Women's Couture Resale Review
This is a fine resale shop whose merchandise is authentic and in perfect condition.

- By Barbara (Monday 3/8/04 8:21 AM)

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Untouchable Tours Review
2 times I have been on this tour. If all goes as planned I will in about 10 days have the opportunity to experience it all again for the 3rd time. It is impossible to decribe how interesting this adventure is. You just have to see it all for yourself. Call, make a reservation and then go on the tour. I promise you will not be sorry that you did. Hope to see you on this bus.

- By Gary Carnes (Monday 9/29/03 7:22 PM)

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Anita Dee Yacht Charters Review
We held our wedding ceremony on the Anita Dee II yacht. We loved the crew, service and ride.

We are planning our next function with you.

- By Rev. and Mrs. McLemore (Thursday 9/18/03 4:57 AM)

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Untouchable Tours Review
The tour is good for tourists, but for anybody who knows anything about Chicago the tour was a disappointment. You can learn far more just from watching the movie "The Untouchables". The tour guides put more thought and planning into their music selection than the historical research. Not worth the $24 ticket!

- By Michael Beyer (Sunday 9/14/03 4:13 PM)

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