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Recent Reviews - Theatre

Hotel Massacre Review
WOW, Went this year WAYYYY Better then last year, its HUGE NOW! Indoor waiting, line moved pretty quick, and wow was it scarry! Lots of new stuff since last year. Well worth the long drive!

- By John (Wednesday 10/14/09 12:25 PM)

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Act One Studios Review
Any Actor who's been in the business for an amount of years, knows that the most important resource an Actor has next to his/her pictures is his/her training.

Shoddy training can make you a shoddy actor, while excellent training (and working on your craft) can make you an excellent Actor.

This is why I recommend ActOne Studios to everyone I talk to in the Business. All the teachers there are WORKING Actors & Directors themselves, and the quality of their classes are exemplary.

In my case, the tools I developed and techniques I learned there, gave me a feeling of ease and a look of the true professional when I walked into my first Industrial, and commercial auditions.

I truly believe that many of the roles I am getting now, are due to the training I received at ActOne (and my own talent of course!) A year after taking classes at ActOne, I now average 2 well paid gigs per month.

One of the greatest memories I have is at the end of the shooting of my 1st Industrial Film, where I was featured, The director turned to me and said, "It's really nice to work with a true professional actor, who knows what he's doing." I didn't tell him, but I knew what i was doing because of my training at ActOne.

So Thanks Steve, Anne, Connie, Joanne, & Tim. Your instruction have helped make me the WORKING actor I am today.

- By Jock L Schloss (Sunday 3/1/09 1:45 PM)

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Chicago Center for the Performing Arts Review
I can truly say I enjoyed the comedy show I attended in October 29, 2008. Hilarious, great comedy. The lady at the door told me I would enjoy this show and I surely did. All the comedians were great and especially Krazy Katie. What a laugh. Thanks to this producer, I surly had a memorable moment.

- By Mike Smith (Monday 11/17/08 1:27 PM)

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Chicago Center for the Performing Arts Review
The funniest Comedy Show I've seen in a long time was at the CCPA on a Wednesday night 9/24/2008, I laughed so hard I cried I almost pee in my pants. The Commentator of the show had us call the female comedian by cell phone to the stage and she appeared. I thought this was just a joke. You would have had to be there to see it. This is one Stand-Up Comedy Show I ENJOYED.

- By KRYSTAL SPIVEY (Monday 11/3/08 2:05 PM)

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Hotel Massacre Review
A lot of fun - but could have been a much longer experience. Definatly recommend - IF - you can find one of the $5 off general admission coupons they have at most of the Halloween stores (Got mine at Halloween USA on 59 and Jefferson)

- By Anthony (Thursday 10/30/08 6:45 AM)

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Hotel Massacre Review
omg it was so awsome. all my friends were acking all tough wen they walked in and then left screaming like babys!!! i went through like 3 times it was so scary everything looked real lol the cematary girl scared the guys i was with good we all thought she and she jumped of that gate and we hit the wall the bloody bathroom was the best i thought he was really gonna jump out and grab me. the only bad thing was it was short but it was so worth the money !!!

- By cheeks (Wednesday 10/15/08 1:50 PM)

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Hotel Massacre Review
Crazy haunted house! Definiately worth the wait! There are so many rooms and you never know what is going to jump out at you next. Even waiting outside to get in is exciting. I would recommend to everyone.

- By Sarah (Tuesday 10/14/08 11:24 AM)

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Tommy Gun's Garage Review
AWESOME!! We took our family to Chicago for the holidays and Tommy Gun's Garage was the HIGHLIGHT of our weekend! The show was excellent and the food, surprisingly for a dinner theater, was top notch! We will certainly return and we will tell many others!! - the Evans family

- By Russ Evans (Thursday 1/3/08 8:11 AM)

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Marriott Lincolnshire Theatre Review
We take our grandchildren to your summer and Christmas presentations every year. They are excellent. This year seemed exceptuional...the dancers, Cheryl and all of her characters, the mice, and Neil? the son, and mouse king. My 5 year old grandson was clapping ang laughing and sitting at the edge of his seat...having a great time. We all enjoyed the play. Thank you.

- By Raymond C. Toren (Monday 11/26/07 1:03 PM)

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The Spot Review
We went to the Spot on Sunday, 8/19, and really enjoyed it! The food was very good with a great presentation. Not knowing a thing about the place (I just moved in down the street from it), we we pleasantly surprised with the atmosphere and the service.

It really seemed our server was bending over backwards to accomodate everyone in the restaurant, which was great! The only problem was that that if you want to give that level of service, you may want to have an extra floating server on hand as we had to wait several minutes at times for refills, etc.

The music selection was fun, comtemporary and at a respectible level. The restaurant was only half full when we went, and we were able to hold our own converstaion at a normal talking level without interupting or hearing other conversations.

We did not get to check out the two other floors, but we will definitely be back to take a look.

If you are at all curious, try it out on a Sunday evening. You really can't beat this great food at half price!

- By Richard (Tuesday 8/21/07 12:20 PM)

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The Spot Review
For those that are social, The Spot is the bar for you. The best part of coming here is the staff and the owners. When you walk in, you become the most important person in the room. You ask and you shall receive. Your drink is never empty and the food is delicious. They have something different going on each night of the week. In my opinion, you really don't need to go anywhere else.

- By Heather (Tuesday 8/14/07 12:18 PM)

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The Spot Review
This place is good. The best part was the birthday party I attended. We got in and recieved a wristband for the hour of free drinks, which was part of us going there. The drinks were poured heavy! Which I like. Anyway the music rocks and the food below average. Our pizza was burnt and the salad was wilted with a rotten strawberry on top. Maybe just a bad night. Anyway give it a shot. Don't forget to get on there list thats how you win a free drink party. Think about it. Where can you go and drink free for n hour. I give them a 7 out of a ten. Food 4.Oh yea the have 2 rockin floors and each room is different.

- By Samantha Burns (Thursday 8/2/07 4:35 AM)

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Writers' Theatre (Books on Vernon) Review
Love Writers' Theater!!!

Their current play "The Puppetmaster of Lodz" is one of the best I have ever seen anywhere!!! Don't miss!

- By dorit raviv (Sunday 7/1/07 4:41 PM)

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Black Ensemble Theater Review
We have seen 5-6 shows at Black Ensemble. ALL were fantastic ! What a show..also a great value. Several women went..all of us were pleasantly surprised at the quality of the talent. You will LOVE it.

- By Diane Ribbentrop (Tuesday 6/12/07 10:00 AM)

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Ford Center for the Performing Arts, Oriental Theatre Review
We attended Wicked 5/29/07, had front row of the Dress Circle and were very very disappointed when we arrived to see these are limited view seats, which was not disclosed on our tickets. We have seen Wicked on Broadway, so we knew what we were missing. It's deceptive of the theater & ticketmaster to not disclose this!

- By Pennie (Tuesday 6/5/07 7:38 AM)

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Sears Centre Review
Saw Billy Joel at the Sears Center and am glad that I knew the lyrics already so I could sing along to the karioke of hearing his music without being able to make out his lyrics at all. I never thought I'd miss the accoustics at the Horizon, but they were better than Sears. And how do you build a stadium without parking! Shuttle buses to a suburban venue is very uncool. Too reminiscent of a Bears game. So, in short, if you don't need to hear what's being sung, and you don't mind being hastled by a logistical disaster, oh, and did I mention the aged and heavily salted popcorn and the stink of burned consessions that somehow wafts through the stands throughout the show. I say, save yourself the trip, pop in a CD with some Reddenbacher, and a Heinekin and enjoy.

- By David (Tuesday 4/24/07 2:50 PM)

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The Spot Review
If you're looking for customer service unlike no other, a menu with food that you'll not find anywhere else (just ask them about their potato skins!!), then this is THE SPOT TO BE!

Chef Frankie is a gem. His food is stellar, and they make you feel like home. You won't find anyone, even the doorman, with an attitude. You will find every employee helping each other, talking to each other. You will love this place... Not like, not enjoy, LOVE.

They have incredible specials, fun things to do each night of the week.

Wanna learn more? Just stop by and tell them you want a tour of the place. They will roll out the red carpet for you and show you around....

Oh, the food? Spectacular. I've never seen salmon prepared so many ways. YOWZA!!"

- By Lawrence (Friday 2/23/07 4:19 PM)

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American Theater Company Review
The ATC's latest production, Oklahoma, is a "must see," especially for anyone who has seen the traditional production with a huge orchestra, cast and cartoonish costuming. This is a gritty production that really shows what the old West was like in a time of controversy between ranchers and farmers, where people did what they could to survive, and sometimes the outcome was not fair. It is in an intimate theatre setting that lets you really relate to, and understand the characters, rather than just leave the hall with a toetapping rendition of the signature song in your head. Highly recommended!

- By Lee Naas (Sunday 2/11/07 9:23 AM)

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The Gift Theatre Company Review
I saw the Blithe Spirit on the opening night of the show I felt that the actors did a excellent job!! I felt like I was there in the time that the story was taking place & the actors made me believe it had really happened!! I enjoyed it very much!!!!! The whole crew did a great job on the play!!!!!

- By Betty Norman (Friday 2/9/07 11:22 AM)

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ComedySportz Theatre Review
I was very impressed with ComedySportz! The show was a huge success for me. I’ve seen comedy improv shows before, but this one was different from the rest. We brought my young nephew knowing that it was clean and there were no moments in the show where I felt as if it was inappropriate for him. He enjoyed the show and thought it was funny yet at the same time I loved it. The performers were very impressive. They were fast, quick witted and so smart. This one man was playing an Italian mobster; it was really great. I’m an Italian, and this guy was dead on. All together the show was great. It was so memorable and a great bonding time for my family. The whole drive home and the next morning we were talking about the show and laughing. I’m going back for sure.

- By Louis Fabiano (Tuesday 1/16/07 1:43 PM)

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