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Recent Reviews - Recreation

Classic Bowl Review
My first experiece with Classic was pretty cool!!! Prices are alot better than the city and I'm from there. The drive is not so bad, 15-20 min you are there. Keep Up the good work!!! I will be going back soon.

- By Mel (Monday 4/19/10 12:46 AM)

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Viking Ski Shop Inc. Review
Dennis and Bob are about the best that you will find in the Mid West when it comes to knowing the various brands of equipment and being able to fit you with the right equipment. Their prices are very competitive. Their desire to be sure you are happy is priceless. Are they busy at times. You bet. But they give each customer the time and attention they need. I have a home in Aspen and they blow away the kids there with the maturity and experience of real pro's. The shop is old and not glitzy. But don't be fooled. Bob and Dennis are gems!

- By p. beitler (Friday 10/2/09 8:36 PM)

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Orbit Skate Center Review
Let's go rollerskating! is what my kids tell me every weekend and it's all because of this place. It's beautiful, clean, safe, fun and an exciting place for kids and families. They have a new game room with a redemption center to cash in the tons of tickets we win! The snack bar has a great selection of junk food, healthy options and even home made cotton candy! Check out the skate shop while you're there, they sell everything you need for skating, forget the big chain stores or the internet, talk to Jodi, she knows everything about skates! Hands down the best rink to skate at, good music, friendly staff and it's huge!

- By Anne (Monday 8/17/09 6:42 PM)

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Cycle Bike Shop Review
The place was great.

Called them at 3, asking what time they close, and if they'd be able to fix a flat tire.

They said 4 and sure. 5 or 10 minutes after I got there, it was fixed!

Another plus is that there's parking on the side of the building for a few cars, and free at that (if you can get one of the few spots). I knew that had I'd gone to the bike shop on North Wells, I'd be driving around and around looking for a place to park.

*They had a bunch of super cool (and not cheap) Jamis bikes there.

Everyone mentions that there's a massive dog there. There is. The dog was just laying down in the middle of the isle, in the way. Not sleeping, but not moving either. Cool friendly lazy dog!

I'm take all my bike repairs there from now on.

- By Jesse H (Sunday 7/5/09 10:16 PM)

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Wilmette Bowling Center Review
I have had birthday parties for my son, bowl with him regularly their and love it. I have seen adults enjoying themselves, and seniors. Their service is incredible. They have special balls for the kids and adults if you are haveing trouble finding a ball. What locations on the northshore offer this service. Their pizza is great and they bring it to you at your alley. Any one who wants a cozy, great and fun place to bowl, Make the effort to go there.

- By Bowl4Fun (Friday 1/30/09 1:07 AM)

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Skyway Lanes Review
I am not a league bowler but I love to bowl. I like Skyway 'cause it's family friendly and the staff is friendly. When we have family or club outings we use the Skyway; as a matter of fact I'm about to set up a candlelight bowl for next year - sure hope my days are available.

- By Chris (Monday 8/18/08 4:45 PM)

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Energy Fitness Active Arts Center Review
If you don't like the healthclub atmosphere and need more motivation to get in shape, check this place out. This place has a warm, inviting atmosphere and every instructor/trainer is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about their individual disciplines and they are interested in helping you reach your goals.

- By Kay Keyler (Wednesday 7/9/08 7:51 PM)

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Skyway Lanes Review
This place is great. The equipment is derelict, the lanes, unreliable, sure. The bowling is two and change a game, half that on Tuesdays. The staff is friendly and there's a cheap, full bar inside. Highly recommended. Just not if you're bowling to bowl.

- By Brad (Monday 6/9/08 9:37 PM)

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Freedom Woods Equestrian Center Review
Lack of land and turnout come along with the great location. I agree that horses whoe need to be out all day long belong somewhere else. The stalls are cleaned seven days a week and the horses are fed three times a day. With the exception of a few hard keeping thoroughbreds, the horses are not underweight. In fact many of the horses are slightly overweight. I have been boarding at Freedom Woods for around four years now and find it to be a wonderful place.

- By anonymous (Tuesday 5/6/08 9:30 AM)

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Puptown Review
Puptown is the best park in the city because of its size, cleanliness, friendliness, and the responsible behavior of the dog owners. You don't even mind showing up every other Saturday in warm weather to clean. It's a nice group.

- By Ellen (Tuesday 4/29/08 4:45 AM)

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Quick Release Bike Shop Review
Definitely the place to go if you need a tire change or some minor work like truing your wheelset or putting on a freewheel that can be done fast and cheap. (waaaayyyy cheaper than rapid transit which is a bit more hipster and way more expensive..EX; basic tire tube change was like 10 bucks vs 30 when i did it at rapid transit)...its a tiny place with no frills and products that look like they've been sitting there for years with an old schooler in there(doesn't think much of fixys and single speeds but works on em just the same). just one man. not very friendly but straight up to the point and gets the job done (knows what he's doin)...if you don't want to sit around at the other big name bike shops and just get a quick fix, he's your guy. i walked in there cause my crankset was squeaking and he tightened it up and said "you're good." i left and brought him a burger and we were all good. support "real" neighborhood bike shops!!!!

- By stan (Friday 4/18/08 2:12 PM)

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Kids' Table Review
My son was asked to attend a birthday party here for his cousin. He was not even two at the time and he LOVED it. He sat and participated the entire time. I love that everything they serve is healthy and they expose him to things i wouldn't think a kid would like. He has been going every week since August. The staff is wonderful, my son and i love them all and we are grateful for all they do. Everything is so thought out including laminated recipe cards to take home from the days' class. We have made lots of them again at home. Hats off to this creative and loving bunch!!!!!

- By nate's mom (Monday 4/14/08 2:19 PM)

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Freedom Woods Equestrian Center Review
this place could really be something, the owner must be cheap-school horses ,not happy, thin, over-worked.i took lessons there, and the saddles are old dirty,uncomfortable, torn billets,torn stirrup leathers, torn girths, very unsafe, and the worst is the saddle pads used on the horses, dirty/crusty.i wish i could save them

- By no name (Friday 4/11/08 6:42 PM)

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Chicago Fitness Center Review
I've recently moved to the Lakeview area and was researching local gyms to join. The main draw to Chicago Fitness Center was the price (if you pay up front its only $400 for 14 months--that's only $28/month!!!). But since I've joined, I've been nothing but pleased. Its definitely no-frills, and yes there is a corner filled with old equipment--but every time I walk in and want to use a machine or weights I can. There's never a weight, there are not people in ridiculous outfits and make-up all trying to pick each other up. Its a great place to just be on your own and work out!

- By allison (Wednesday 2/27/08 11:33 PM)

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Devil's Head Resort Review
Some friends and I did the 'Chicago' package deal and were all extremely pleased.

The rooms are very dated but who's there to hang out in the room anyways. The heater worked. The shower worked. The TV worked. Didn't really care about much else. We were there to hit the slopes.

The package included food vouchers for 2 breakfasts and 1 dinner. The breakfast buffet was great and had a huge assortment of your typical breakfast foods. The dinner voucher was good for up to $25 so we each had to pay an upcharge of $5 each for the steaks we ordered.

Everyone that works there(restaurant/bar staff, front desk, security) were all friendly and helpful.

The many different runs they offer keep it interesting but be prepared to do a lot of walking from lift to lift as they are spaced a good distance from each other.

One of the things I was looking forward to was the outdoor hot tubs they offer but when we went to check them out they were non-functional and it didn't look like they were going to be fixed anytime soon as they were covered deep in snow. This was a disappointment. However, the fire pit was going strong and was nice place to sit and have a cocktail or three.

Overall, Devil's Head was a blast and we all will definitely be going back soon.

- By Cory (Monday 1/14/08 11:29 AM)

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Wilmette Bowling Center Review
Very kid-friendly place. It's small size is a great benefit for families and parties; you can see the whole facility in a glance. Every time we've been there they've used black lighting, which can be tough for some grownups but the kids LOVE it. (Note: our toddler is terrified of the lighting and noise, so if you have small, mobile ones, you may need a sitter.) We had our son's 5th birthday party there and the management was really great. They set up tables and paper goods for you and reserve lanes; we ordered pizza from them and it was tasty and served quickly. I really prefer this independently-owned business to the "fancy" big franchise lanes; the kids are focused on bowling and having fun, and the prices are comparable. As another reviewer stated, they don't take credit cards; that's my only complaint.

- By JT (Friday 12/28/07 7:47 AM)

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Downers Grove Ice Arena Review
The Downers Grove Ice Arena (DGIA) is a perfect place for your child to learn how to skate. My 3 daughters learned how to skate there and I have always been impressed with the family atmosphere created there by the staff and owners. It is perfect, especially for the price. We have skated in fancier arenas but no other arena has the friendly and competent staff the DGIA has which is necessary for your skater to learn. We loved it there.

- By J. Marszalek (Sunday 10/28/07 7:59 PM)

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Habetler Bowl Inc. Review
Tons of fun. If you're a bowler, you'll be glad to see the lanes are really well-taken care of and the electronics are all new (no falling pins on the set, rare miscounts, rare stuck balls). If you're just looking for some fun, the beers are served in frosted glasses (!), there's air hockey and pinball in the arcade room, and if you can bear the bar room's cigarette smoke, the pool table is a good time too.

- By jake (Wednesday 10/17/07 10:27 AM)

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Cycle Bike Shop Review
Took a ride this afternoon and after stopping for a tasty beer at Weathermark (just about next door) I went to get the bike and discovered a flat. I carry a spare tube but just wasn't up for wrestling with the rear wheel just then. Went to the Cycle Bike Shop aka Carmichael Cycle Shop and a very nice lady with a shock of red hair setting off a headful of black locks took my old man bike, hoisted it into the stand, found the culprit, a piece of ceramic, cleaned up the other bits and pieces of shrapnel, put in a new tube, adjusted the brakes and it all cost less than a $10. Cycle shop owners are probably all crazy, northside, southside, Cozy makes me crazy. This shop was GREAT when I needed them.

- By jimmyjam (Sunday 10/14/07 8:27 PM)

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Two Seasons Cycle & Ski Review
My daughters boutght me a bike from Two Seasons several years ago.... Nice daughters huh.... and they are very professional with a good selection of parts and bikes.... Since them I've had to purchase several items and they did some minor tune up work... Each time they were courteous and professional.. If you like to be treated well (and who doesn't), you can't go wrong with this friendly well run store

- By Mike M. (Monday 10/8/07 4:50 PM)

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