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Wise Fools Pub Review
A buddy and I walked by there last night and was sold when the doordude said "We got 50 cent high life. How can you beat that?" We went in and suprisingly the girl to guy ratio was about even. I got a seat at the bar and all i could smell was hot buttery popcorn goodness. Before i could get up to find the popcorn tub this beautiful bartender with the american flag branded on her outfit hands me a bag full of it!! I thanked her by saying you're awesome. and she replied we have all you can eat bacon on sundays too! I almost fell out of my chair with joy.

This will now be a part of my bar hopping agenda for as long as i live in chicago! Great deals, great and friendly service, and it's not completely filled with all dudes.

- By Erock solid (Friday 9/24/10 6:05 PM)

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Artis's Lounge Review
Artis's Lounge on Monday Night is like an adventure to another Land. The energy is LIVE! The people are beautiful and friendly. I'm a north-sider and Monday at A. L. is the only reason I travel south. If your out of town visitors are looking for an authentic Chicago Blues treat, Billy Branch and crew will take you there, enjoy

- By Tao is Love (Friday 5/14/10 3:55 PM)

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Park 52 Review
I made reservations about a month in advance. I felt it was the perfect location for a group of mothers, to feel special. The reservations were for 1 pm, however at 3 pm, we still hadn't received our food. We had to practically beg the waiter for bread to hold us off. When they FINALLY brought out the food, it was all the same, although we all had requested our food to be cooked a certain way. The managers promised to expedite our order, however I witnessed so much other food coming out of the kitchen, and we still had 4 plates missing. The brunch was horrible, needless to say we left. When I told the manager that we were leaving, he said OK. HE DIDN"T EVEN OFFER TO COMPENSATE US IN ANY WAY FOR OUR INCONVENIENCE!!!?

- By Kenya (Tuesday 5/11/10 10:01 AM)

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Cool River Draught House & Eatery Review
Great atmosphere. Great people and a fun place to hang out. Cant beat the dollar bottles on Wednesday's or the great cheeseburgers and fries for $2.75 everyday.

- By Derek (Tuesday 2/9/10 7:38 PM)

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VLive Review
I went to VLive on Friday 2/5/10 and it was pretty good. It was my 1st time there and I really liked it. I loved the music, crowd and the club is pretty big. We were on the main floor most of the time. They played alot of dance music which is what clubs are suppose to play, not like other clubs that play alot of hip hop and ghetto music, which you can't dance to. If they would have played a bit more reggaeton, it would have been perfect. I'm planning on going back soon. Fridays are good at VLive!

- By lauren (Monday 2/8/10 7:35 PM)

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Hyatt Regency O'Hare Review
This hotel is absolutely beautiful (brand new) and the service is amazing. I always suggest it!!

- By Jamie Davis (Monday 2/8/10 10:57 AM)

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Hugo's Frog Bar & Fish House Review
We have eaten at Hugo's many times and find that the quality and quantity is consistent with the price. While not inexpensive, we have always had a quality experience except for one time and a complaint to the manager got an apology and a future free dinner.

- By Jeff Eisenberg (Tuesday 1/19/10 6:00 AM)

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Wise Fools Pub Review
Wise Fools is a really great place to go no matter what you're looking for! I've been there a lot of times and feel like this place has it all. If you're looking to relax? Come in on Tuesday to watch open mic comedians do their thing. Thursday's Wise Fools runs beer pong tournaments with really great prizes. Friday there's always live music from local bands and Saturday's have been really great for being around a ton of people and getting hammered! There's even free bacon on sundays for football! The staff is really chill and fun to talk to...get in early and chances are you'll even get a free beer out of the deal.

- By Alicia Smith (Wednesday 12/16/09 6:50 PM)

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Wise Fools Pub Review
This place is really a great spot! Dog friendly, really great beer specials(especially for a lincoln park spot!) all around totally chill. They have live music on Fridays which can be hit or miss but is always a welcomed change from the top 40 hits at the other bars if you ask me. On Sundays for football they even have FREE all you can eat bacon baskets and full meals at bears game start! None of the other bars in the area can boast that!

- By lovin it (Tuesday 10/13/09 6:55 PM)

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Nite Cap Lounge Review
the place is great...if you love music to get into you...there you go...full of drinks, full of music...etc This is CHICAGO...ROCKS...

- By ARDI (Friday 9/18/09 9:39 AM)

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Betty's Blue Star Lounge Review
I used to go to Betty's years ago to see live music so when I saw an ad in The Chicago Reader that they had live bands on Thursdays I met up with a couple of friends and we went this past Thursday. 2 bands played from 9:45pm to about 12am (not a huge fan of the 2nd band, but the 1st band "Some Years Later" was really good). Great sounds, crowd was fun, played Bags in the beer garden with some fun random biker guys, and really had a good time. I also found out they have a Bags Tournament every Monday for cash and half price drinks...count me in! We were talking to some people in the bar and learned that Betty's had changed for the good over the last few months (as the guy mentions in the review before mine). Even though I haven't been to Betty's in awhile and couldn't imagine it getting so "ghetto" (as the person described it) it didn't matter to us because we had a great time listening to live music and just chilling. My only suggestion at this point is start serving some bar food or sandwiches......drinking + food = happier people who don't have to leave earlier than planned so they can eat.

- By SherriS (Thursday 9/10/09 3:08 AM)

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Ambrosia Cafe Review
this place is excellent great food and hookahs is awesome keep up the good work.

- By Jasin (Friday 7/24/09 5:17 PM)

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Dell Rhea's Chicken Basket and Cocktail Lounge Review
The chicken basket rocks. I think it is huge for amazing food, and finding singles. There are a lot of younger people eating it up. In fact that is where I found my husband. HOT DAWG!!! It's amazing.

- By Christy (Monday 7/20/09 9:06 AM)

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Irish Oak Review
The have great acoustic music in the back on Friday & Saturday night. Some of the best up & coming singer/songwriters. the staff is great - friendly and attentive.

- By Mike Krause (Sunday 7/19/09 8:09 AM)

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LaSalle Power Co. Review
Stopped by for lunch today (free tasting menu!) and was very impressed. Beautiful place, the staff was GREAT, especially my waitress, and the Cuban pork sandwich that I got was a) not "smaller sized" like I was told and b) DELICIOUS. I'm going back tomorrow.

- By Aaron (Tuesday 4/21/09 2:23 PM)

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Frankie's Blue Room Review
Great room. It's is nice to be able to order food and be entertained at the same time. The staff was very efficient and friendly. Menu is casual salads, sandwiches, appetizers. The prices were very reasonable.

- By Pam (Monday 4/20/09 6:18 PM)

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Mutiny Review
I heart The Mutiny !!

- By Regina Aguilar (Sunday 4/19/09 10:32 PM)

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Heartland Cafe Review
The Heartland Cafe reminds me of the cool old coffee houses I used to hang out in when I lived in the Bay Area. Wholesome food, good music, friendly staff. I have been here many times, love it! If you are looking for a fine dining experience, this is not the place. If you enjoy an outdoor cafe with a great vibe, this is the place

- By Kevin (Friday 3/27/09 5:38 PM)

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Kinetic Playground Review
Wow! I remember going to this place in the late 60's. It was a wild ride for a kid under 17. One concert I got to go backstage with some friends to see Led Zeppelin (didn't talk to them because I didn't want to be seen as a groupie) and was able to sit right on stage for the concert. If my parents had known what went on there I wouldn't have got out the door.

- By Airedale Clowns (Friday 3/20/09 11:16 AM)

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Jokes and Notes Review
My lady and I were in Chicago for the weekend and had the pleasure of making it to a show at Jokes and Notes. We were impressed with the setup of the club and how professional and courteous the staff was. Lil Rell hosted the show and Shawny D was the headliner. Next time we visit Chicago we MUST return!

- By Mike (Sunday 3/15/09 3:29 PM)

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