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Recent Reviews - Music

Subway (1917 W. Fullerton) Review
I've caught the band a few times now. It seems like they're always around playing tons of different venues. The band definitely is working hard to try and make it big. They're songs are some of the most original I've heard in the Chicago music scene. They have great energy on stage and they always end up doing something funny either on purpose or by accident. I'd definitely recommend the band to anyone who likes good original local rock.

- By Brad Gackowski (Thursday 9/17/09 8:26 PM)

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Amaranth Books Review
Chico's music hit my heart, and I was so lucky to have had that live. And so lucky to have hung out with him and spend down time. Now that he's gone--at just 46--I wish I would have told him that stronger the last time I saw him. Bless Chico, Halsted, the Mines and Michael Coleman for giving me the opportunity of meeting Chico. I'll admire and appreciate you forever Chico. Bless your soul in heaven. Love, Donna

- By Donna Wright (Thursday 12/11/08 9:54 PM)

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Amaranth Books Review
I had the pleasure of seeing Chico play with Koko Taylor in Ohio. His guitar licks had me burning up inside. Talk about a sensual player. He's all I can think about. What a talent!

- By kimberly thomas (Sunday 9/28/08 10:52 AM)

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94th Aero Squadron Review
What a great band! It makes quite a fun evening to listen or dance to them at the Green Mill. They've been there 8 years, and keep adding new (vintage) music, so their playlist is always changing. Last summer, they performed at a dance in Grant Park and it was wonderful to see all the young people mixing with a few older couples. I think there were dance lessons offered before the music started. And I hear that the band will appear for the ballroom crowd out at the Willowbrook on June 3rd. You should check them out sometime!

- By Christopher Popa (Wednesday 3/14/07 3:14 PM)

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Moody's Pub Review
It's no doubt that the Saturn Project is a band with a fresh and unique sound. I believe they are on their way to greatness. Their performance at the Metro was absolutely outstanding and I think this is just the beginning for these young cats. We should all stay tuned for what will follow.....

- By Luis Santoyo (Thursday 7/20/06 6:53 PM)

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Mandarin House Review
I saw the Abstract Giants a few weeks ago in Springfield. I had no idea what to expect, but everybody in the room was up dancing. They were awesome.

- By Benjamin (Wednesday 6/28/06 1:19 PM)

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Smart Museum of Art Review
I just saw Julie for the first time tonight at the gallery caberet. Terrific voice, great songs. I thuroughly enjoyed it. If the oppurtunity should arise for you to see her perform, then you should definatly take advantage of it and do so.

- By Rick (Thursday 5/11/06 3:01 AM)

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Ron of Japan (Chicago) Review
Mother Blues is absolutely the best live band and best kept secret in Chicago. I saw them at Rosa's on a Tuesday night. Six other people in the room and they ROCKED. Is it blues? rock? soul? The answer is yes and the answer is ... who cares? These guys make blues matter again. No one ever made hurtin' feel this good.

Their new CD 'Sleeping While The River Runs' does more to advance the cause of Chicago blues (and classic soul music) than any record I've heard in the last 40 years.

- By Blues Maven (Thursday 11/24/05 1:51 AM)

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Dance Connection Review
One of the coolest and most intense bass players around. She really gets into her music and her solos are wonderful. I had the chance to meet her and she is just as wonderful on the inside as she is attractive on the outside. I caught her Millenium Park opening...excellent.

- By Gregory P Gill (Friday 2/11/05 5:44 PM)

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New Jeanny's Chinese Restaurant Review
I'm a Big Sky Stringband fan from way back- a Cornmeal fan, too. Saw Big Sky at Martyr's on 11-19 and thought their show was great, as usual, but the violin player Matt did not fit. He was too hokey, too much of a show-off, and took away from the cool vibe that Big Sky set out to create. Bob and the other boys do a great job of holding the show together- luckily. The fiddler they had-well- I'll skip his next appearance with them. My advise... catch a Big Sky Show anyway- they are outstanding.

- By kristy (Tuesday 1/18/05 6:35 AM)

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Palm Review
This man is such a joy to watch. He makes everything he does look effortless. Production wise phenomenal originality!

- By Carla Starla (Sunday 1/2/05 11:06 PM)

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Moody's Pub Review
My friends and I just heard them at The Elbo Room and they were GREAT!!! A new sound which is welcomed with open arms.

- By Jodie (Saturday 1/1/05 11:15 PM)

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North Lakeside Cultural Center Review
I caught Simply Slang in September playing Rodney's in Highland, IN-And they sounded great. The singer is one hell of showman and a great guitarist. In fact he appears to be the lead guitarist of the band because he did 90% of the solos. With their Marshall stacks and leather and fog machines, I felt I was given a great show. I would see them again. I can see why their fans are so rabid-They truly know to rock out and have a good time. Also they did a cover of Billy Idol which was better than the original! Warning: These guys are EXTREMELY loud!

- By Larry Gersdale (Sunday 12/26/04 7:57 AM)

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Kass/Meridian Gallery Review
I wonder how a band like Mr. Smolen's can be active for over 30 years, and yet have these negative reviews... I notice that neither of these negative reviews says anything about the musicianship. I have been listening to this band for nearly twenty years, and have never once been disappointed by the musical quality... I wonder just who these other people were lisrening to, the band or other bandleaders (this business is notorious for "sour grapes" and backstabbing among the various leaders)

- By Jon McGahan (Tuesday 12/21/04 2:21 PM)

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Joy Yee's Noodles (Evanston) Review
I'm almost embarrassed to say that, up until seeing MegaSuperUltra, my exposure to Mod was very limited. Limited to Elvis Costello and recognizing a few Joe Jackson and Jam tunes. I left my first Mega show thoroughly exposed and the second show pretty damn educated - I mean i was taken to school. Front man (and homeboy) Tom Shover puts on a such a high-energy show that you feel he just may be the only guitarist-frontman in town. I've had the pleasure of catching their shows at [to name just a few] The Underground lounge with Boston's "The Pills", Finnley Dunne's Tavern, (did i see them at Metro??), Some bar on Lansdowne street in Boston (again with the Pills), and my favorite: The Hideout. Let me tell ya there's nothing like a MegaSuperUltra Scooter Rally to take you to a different place. One night we sat in the bar after a show and he shared some stories about his music career and made me wish cameras for a "Behind the Music" where rolling. Seems like it's been a great career including his old bands "Brown Betty" and "Fondly" and I hope i'll be able to catch Mega for a long time to come. Make it a point to see this Chicago band and don't let the Brits hog all the pleasure. Get it? ..... Good.

- By Jonas Hipolito (Thursday 12/16/04 12:42 AM)

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Caribou Coffee (10 N. LaSalle) Review
Alice, I was fortunate to see Albert at one of his last European concerts in Sunderland in the UK, in the June of 1992. It was the greatest concert that I have ever been to, and I have seen some of the great blues artists.

Albert had the audience in the palm of his hand with his one liners between songs.

I have this evening for the first time seen pictures of Albert's grave, which nearly brought me to tears, as a lifelong fan of Albert, it is a fitting tribute to the greatest blues guitarist, he left such a legacy for all his fans in his music.

God Bless Albert, Lucy lives on...

- By Gavin Wraith (Wednesday 12/15/04 4:09 PM)

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Nookies Too Review
This is the band. This is the band right here. They rocked my face off twice now. First time was by mistake. I was out to eat at the Beat Kitchen and they just happened to be on stage. With the little I heard, I just had to come back to get a second helping, because they were great. Not to mention Bill Lloyd (US99) is on lead guitar!!! The second time I saw them was at the Elbo Room on Oct. 1. It was a great show. Between Bill on guitar and their singer, I was really impressed. Everyone must see U*A!!!!!!! They are the People's Rock!

- By Sam DeLaramba (Thursday 11/4/04 5:18 PM)

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McFetridge Sports Center Review
Moira is a trip! She can sing and carry off costumes that lesser mortals would wilt in under the stage lights. She can hold the audience in suspense and fascination even if there's a boring MC who tells bad jokes before and after each performer. She's one to watch out for, not sure when I'll see her again, but if I see her name in a calendar listing somewhere, I'll be there.

- By Frunobulax (Sunday 10/24/04 11:15 AM)

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Midway International Airport Review
I saw the Katie Sullivan Band for the first time last night at Martyr's. I am floored that they did not win the battle of the bands hands down. Mark Sheehy's band, the winner, was good, but the Katie Sullivan band blew my whole table away! Unbelievable vocals from the whole band, fantastic song variety, and a really fun following of people in green tie dyes...I will definitely look for more of thier shows (as well as the tie dyes...) and i would suggest that anyone looking for an old-fashioned good time does the same!

- By Leah (Friday 10/22/04 3:43 PM)

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Ann Sather (Belmont) Review
I saw the band this summer at Schaumburg Festival. After reading the last review from Jennifer King I wasn't expecting too much. WOW! was I suprised.. This band was so tight and played country root music like no other band in the Chicago area. The players all pros and they put on a great musical experience for the listeners. I highly recommend seeing this band. You don't have to be a country music type to enjoy this unique brand of playing. I look forward to seeing them again soon when they're in my area again.

- By Tony Goetzinger (Saturday 10/2/04 8:32 PM)

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