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Recent Reviews - Health Clubs

Bally Total Fitness (Portage Park) Review
I just joined for about 30 dollars a month, and I think this gym is great, the running track is perfect for me because I run outside and do not like to run on treadmills. The staff is friendly and the gym is clean only thing is some of the male members do not take the weights off the leg press machines, seriously guys if your big enough to lift them you should be big enough to put them back.... Overall I am happy I joined!!!!

- By Jessica (Sunday 11/22/09 5:44 PM)

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Pure Vibes Fitness Review
A truly hidden treasure. Intimate, friendly and reasonable. Power Plate classes are an incredible challenging 45 minute and instructors make sure they target all muscle groups, w/ kettlebell weights/pilates moves. yoga and TRX band. Its all aboutToning and strengthening. Instructors make attention to personal needs and form. The stretching and massage are amazing. Worth it!!!

- By I. Snower (Tuesday 9/29/09 5:11 PM)

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Pure Vibes Fitness Review
Amazing to take such challenging classes and I really want strength training. If you want a sweaty feel good weight loss program . This is just perfect. Thank you.

- By Miriam (Monday 9/14/09 1:47 PM)

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Bally Total Fitness (Portage Park) Review
This is a good gym if you are looking to get a good work out and not alot of people hogging up the machines. This gym also has alot of parking which is a plus considering I live close to six corners. This place also has a track and alot of cardio equipment. There is no pool but I really swim. Been a member for 4 years and the price is great.

- By Christian (Friday 7/24/09 12:27 AM)

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Flirty Girl Fitness Review
I just got my flirty girl fitness dvd's and I love them! I haven't tried the sexy chair dances yet...but I have tried the booty beat and I LOVE it! its a great work out! it definately left me sore the first time, but I actually felt like I was doing something! I won't lie, I felt a little silly at first, but when you get used to it, its really great!

- By Ashley (Thursday 3/12/09 8:36 PM)

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Chicago Sweatlodge Review
Place is new and very clean. Heat is mind boggling. Staff is courteous. A grand way to play hookie on a cold day.

- By Jaydee (Thursday 2/26/09 8:53 AM)

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Onterie Fitness Center Review
I have been a member at Onterie for a few years now and it is clean and well-maintained. It has everything I need and it is never busy, so I like that.

- By Bob Gerard (Wednesday 9/3/08 9:49 AM)

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Webster Fitness Club Review
PROS: People are here to workout, not to be seen working out like a Bally's, etc. Very low key, very welcoming to new members.

CONS: I have to agree it gets pretty dirty from time to time. Since it's small, there's only one person working at a time. Also, they're a pain to cancel membership with - even if out of your initial contract, they require 60 days advance notice to end a membership, which is absurd.

- By Mark S. (Friday 5/16/08 1:56 PM)

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David Barton Gym Review
finally, a gym that appeals to my senses AND my needs!

first, floor to ceiling windows, offering a view of open air and water welcomed me. the feeling continued when i was greeted by the first staffer at the check in desk, and then by erik mejia, who was informative, not high pressure, and super friendly without being weirdly familiar.

the lighting: low enough to be calming, but not so dark to be dungeon like. olfactory:great! no old gym shoe/chlorine aromas. music: just loud enough to provide rhythm without drowning out conversation.

locker rooms: clean, dimly lit, with an aromatherapy room and sauna, shampoos,lotions, towels all provided.

my trainer, mike, was amazing. low key, addressed all my specific concerns with a well rounded, full body workout that left me well educated and nicely exhausted. i can't say enough good things about him.

machines: plentiful,clean and well maintained, tons of free weights as and a great range of cardio choices. a huge variety of classes in pilates, yoga, spin, etc. are available.

for ambiance, attitude, and performance, i couldn't ask for more. plus, after you've worked out, you can sink into their cushy chairs and spend some time just letting the view do its wonders.

- By liz (Wednesday 3/12/08 11:23 PM)

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Webster Fitness Club Review
Its a no frills club, hence the low price. The classes are really good and small enough to get personal attention. One negative thing about this club is that it can get really dirty. Sometimes there are piles of dust in the coners and the machines are dirty. Oh and don't be fooled by the free personal traning session. Its really just a health evaulation and they they try to sell you some expensive training packages, NO THANK YOU.

- By PurdueGal09 (Tuesday 2/19/08 12:22 PM)

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XSport Fitness (Lakeview) Review
I would recommand to ask if there is any other service fees other othan membership. Because you will be informed of this fee after firt face to face interview with sale person. Sales person put too mus presure to signe up for other training program. It is like buying a car from a car dealer. Sales people does not care how you financial situation is. but put so much presure on you that you end up sign for what you really do not need. They say it is a "family owned business and to provide 100% satisfaction" but really, they are not. They are just concerned to get you signed.

- By Ahmed (Wednesday 2/13/08 7:48 PM)

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Chicago Sweatlodge Review
This place is awesome!! It has a wet and dry sauna done like the old world tradition of the Russian sauna. On a good day the wet sauna gets up to 165 degrees and the dry sauna gets up to 210 degrees.Talk about a detox!After you do the sauna make sure you do a cold plunge.Other services include massage,full bar and food.This is a good a place to get rid of your stress.

- By Greg Keefer (Friday 12/28/07 1:09 PM)

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XSport Fitness (Lakeview) Review
Ive been a member of Xsport for almost 2 years now and i must say I am pretty impressed. Between a hectic work schedule and raising 2 kids, the main perk that caught my attention was that this gym is open 24 hours! The staff is friendly and I love the new machines! This is one gym that will never shut the doors on it's members!

- By Karen (Monday 9/10/07 7:39 PM)

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World Gym (Uptown) Review
I also read reviews here and was skeptical. I chose to pay my 2yr membership up front so that they wouldn't have access to my checking account to take funds out. I also have it written in my contract that it doesn't renew automatically. I have a certain time period within which to renew at my guaranteed rate, or the contract ends and if I then want to renew, it would be at today's prices. I think this is the best way to go if you are skeptical of them having access to your checking account. As for the gym, I love it. I tend to like a more hardcore gym atmosphere as opposed to a trendy/yuppie Ballys-type gym. I've been a weight lifter for 10yrs and they have everything I could want there as far as equipment/machines. I usually have my ipod on from the time I walk in til the time I walk out so I don't have that much interaction with the staff, but I've never really had a bad experience with them... except for the girl who I'm guessing is the owner's daughter people talk about... she's just an unhappy person. My only real complaint is that they don't have towels... I'm not going to bring my own towel and then put it back in my bag wet for the rest of the day.

- By Scott (Thursday 7/12/07 7:57 AM)

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David Barton Gym Review
You NEED to work out at this gym. I had a trial membership this past January. I've never worked out in a place like this before. They have everything you want and need. I love the style of it, the layout is great. It's nice to do cardio and be able to peruse the lovlies that walk by the riverwalk. Everything is new, clean and just overall aesthetically pleasing. I like the fact that I'm working out with other folks who are like me....Young, professional and serious about training. No Abercrombie 16 year olds hangin out on the squats racks doing curls here. Of course there's a price to pay for something this great...unfortunately thats what kept me from joining immediately. I suppose thats what keeps the rif-raf out tho. I AM saving for next year tho. I WILL be back...Oh yes, I WILL ;-)

- By David Diesel (Friday 4/6/07 12:39 PM)

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BASH Sports Academy Review
BASH Sports Academy is hands down the best indoor baseball facility around. From the owners, to the high school kids that man the front desk, to the exceptional baseball instructors - the entire staff demonstrates a genuine dedication to customer service. The facility is bright and pleasant, with dependable equipment, great turf and plenty of space. If you are passionate about baseball and want to train someplace where the people clearly share that passion, BASH is the place for you. My teammates and I love being there. It really feels more like a baseball community than just a place to get some practice in.

- By Joelle (Wednesday 2/28/07 3:31 PM)

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XSport Fitness (Lakeview) Review
I'm shocked in reading some of these reviews. I guess all locations aren't alike. I belong to the one in Chicago Ridge and it is AWESOME! The personal trainers are always available for questions and have been very courteous. The gym is enormous...hundreds of machines, climbing wall, balls, weights, tanning, steam bath, sauna, whirlpool and pool. What more could you possibly ask for? I highly recommend this location.

- By Leospets807 (Tuesday 1/9/07 9:27 AM)

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Fitness Formula (Union Station) Review
Love this place. always clean, though sometimes a bit busy at prime time on Mondays and Tuesdays, the mornings are always wide open and I have never had to wait for a machine. Very professional, worth a little extra and the best location, right on top of Union Station.

- By nc (Monday 12/11/06 5:38 PM)

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Sana Vita Studio Review
I had very positive experience in the Pilates Mat classes at Sana Vita. I have limited flexibility and the instructor was able to recognize my frustration and help me work thru it. Since the classes were small, I recieved a lot of personal attention, much different than pilates classes at larger gyms. Also studio, is beautiful, modern and clean, a truly "zen-ful" experience...

- By Lauren (Monday 11/13/06 8:32 PM)

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BodyFit Athletic Club Review
A great little neighborhood boutique of a gym - very clean with a real friendy staff. Month to month membership is a plus as well. I've had memberships at high-end places to Bally's with everything in between and couldn't be happier with this place.

- By Rich (Monday 10/30/06 4:55 PM)

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