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Zygman Voss Gallery Review
A few years ago purchased my first piece of fine art from Nancy. Recently have made more purchases and now am up to 5! Nancy recommended art work she felt would enhance the beauty of my home and that of the art itself. Since I live in California, the art was shipped beautifully and with no problems. All in all a truly remarkable experiece and a fabulous gallery.

- By Lynn Ludcke (Friday 11/12/10 10:56 AM)

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Zygman Voss Gallery Review
An exquisite gallery with very knowledgable owners. True art enthusiasts. A gem in the Windy City.

- By JA (Thursday 11/11/10 6:54 PM)

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Michael FitzSimmons Decorative Arts Review
We had a fire and lost some of our arts and crafts antiques. Michael was wonderfu. He e-mailed us photos close to things that we lost within a couple of days of talking to him. We ordered an awesome Limbert lamp table. His shipping was very reasonable compared to other antique dealers across the country. We are very pleased with his service, professionalism and understanding of the situation. We plan to use him again to replace more items lost in the fire.

- By Beverly Martin (Monday 11/8/10 12:39 PM)

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Akainyah Gallery Review
A great artist, I own two of his prints.

- By Rhandall J Thorpe (Wednesday 3/31/10 6:13 PM)

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Las Manos Gallery Review
Definitely a favorite gallery of mine! Michelle, the gallery's owner has a warm personality and a passion for art. The gallery itself is a "real" gallery with an open atmosphere, free of distraction from the art on display. The shows are intriguing, not at all pretentious, and well curated. Chicago needs more galleries like this!

- By David Downs (Thursday 1/28/10 10:17 PM)

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Mars Gallery Review
This is such a fun place! I first stumbled upon the gallery a few years ago while visiting the West Loop area. I have since had a couple posters framed by them, and they did a terrific job. The staff is helpful and welcoming, and I always stop by to see the artwork when I'm around. Definitely check it out!

- By Aaron (Wednesday 6/17/09 3:15 PM)

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National Museum of Mexican Art Review
In my opinion, the best museum in Chicago. My family & I frequent many art openings there ---all great. Int'l exhibits & politically driven art but they house many local artists' work as well. Local themes. Themes range from traditional Mexican holidays to more, present, cutting edge artwork. It is a great place for kids to attend, too. We were in Mexico City recently and visited many museums there including the famous Frida Kahlo museum...I still thought Chicago's museum beat out all the others. Well, maybe only by a little! ---Dana Bloede

- By Dana Bloede (Friday 1/16/09 11:36 AM)

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Slaymaker Fine Art Review
Magnificent! And great customer service too. You can always find a friendly face to help you select your art piece or just chat about art.

- By olga chuqui (Friday 1/16/09 10:53 AM)

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Listenbee Collection Review
This gallery has some of the most likable African works I have seen anywhere. Mr. Listenbee has exquisite taste and has collected works that are highly appealing, both in their conception and in their execution. I could not leave without buying a couple of paintings. When I return to Chicago, I will probably buy a sculpture as well.

- By bernhard muller (Thursday 10/30/08 6:37 PM)

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Gruen Galleries Review
Great Space... Wow art for home and office. Contemporary art.

- By m (Thursday 10/23/08 4:53 PM)

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In Vitro Gallery Review
I was at In vitro last Friday October 3rd for first Friday opening which coincided with the opening of Matt Gonzalez show at In vitro.

Matt Gonzalez is an accomplished fine artist based in San Francisco and Ralph Nader's Vice Presidential Running Mate. His Collages were stunning, all modestly priced at $500. and when I was there, 12 had sold.

First of all, despite the fact that In vitro is tiny, it is an unexpected find of a fine art gallery representing 5 or 6 for not known reason unknown artists every one of them in full control of their medium.

Off the several galleries open that night, In vitro was the only one jammed packed and lead by Matt Gonzalez, all beautiful people.

It is worth mentioning that In vitro mounts monthly formal installations with pedestals and walls freshly painted for every first Friday opening night along with vinyl lettering on the walls announcing the name of the artist being showcased.

In addition, William Hunter, the owner, was serving Stags Leap Petite Syrah which is one of my all time faborite red wines and Veuve Clicquot Champagne and Sparkling Water in rydel glassware.......hmmmm, OK I guess!

Not a bad combination given its location.


- By David Bohnert (Tuesday 10/7/08 12:31 PM)

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Addington Gallery Review
This gallery has a longer history in Chicago than I knew about at first. They started out as Gwenda Jay, and the current owner, Addington, has been there for a long time. The name changed to Addington at least a year ago, and the shows have been so cool. The focus is mostly painting The painting styles are almost always unique...except for just onne or two realists, the majority of the painters here are doing beautiful work. There's a lot of texture and unusual materials in evidence. I've become more familiart with ENCAUSTIC painting from seeing shows here, and I love it. This means using beeswax in the work, and layering it so there's a real depth and texture, and often vibrant colors, too. Much of the work starts out looking somewhat realistic, but then you see it' s really abstract - oh...and they have great food and wine at the openings !! HA HA!! nothing wrong with that! They are always on my go-to list...I hope to buy a piece there someday

- By Laura J (Thursday 9/25/08 1:28 PM)

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Mars Gallery Review
Mars Gallery is phenomenal! In a swarm of stale, cold, and harsh-lit galleries, Mars is fresh, fun, and fantastic for growing your art collection. I find it funny someone would comment on a is obviously a hair from a painter's brush, which means it's just that more authentic! Love the art, the people, and the parties at Mars! I've thrown a party here as well, and no other rental space could compare; it was awesome. Thank you Mars Gallery!

- By Sarah (Friday 8/22/08 4:56 PM)

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Chicago Printmakers Collaborative Review
I drove past your building for the first time and was stopped in traffic. I managed to get out my camera and take a picture of all the faces in your windows before moving forward. What a great tribute to the fallen. It's a shame you ran out of windows instead of faces! Now I want to come by your gallery and check out the inside. The outside was soooo moving I can only imagine the creative works on the inside.

- By kathy henders (Friday 8/22/08 1:44 PM)

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Little Black Pearl Art and Design Center Review
I came in to offer free tickets to the Infinite Dreamer Stage Play to their students and was invited to teach dance there. It is such a beautiful space and the staff is very warm. It was a great experience for a performing artist to be among such wonderful art from pros to children's art...and great coffee too.

- By Laurie Goux (Wednesday 8/20/08 10:27 PM)

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Little Black Pearl Art and Design Center Review
I toured Little Black Pearl, exhibited some of my own work there and attended an auction for the South Side Community Art Center there among other visits. It is a beautiful, full service facility,well maintained and provides a great place for young artists to learn and thrive. Everyone should plan a visit. You can purchase art there as well, by students and professionals!

- By Joyce Owens (Monday 8/18/08 5:47 PM)

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Logsdon 1909 Gallery & Studio Review
Have been to the 2nd Friday gallery hops in Pilsen for years. This gallery is one of the best. They always have great shows and the people running the gallery are very down to earth and accommodating. Check out the drones there, great ceramic pieces with an underlying social commentary.

- By mike pok (Sunday 6/8/08 1:32 PM)

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Neleh Galleries Internationale Review
I just saw a great show over at Neleh gallery. I was delighted at the quality of the work. I've been to many Chicago area galleries and I think that what I saw at Neleh gallery was easily among the best work that I've seen.

- By Julian (Monday 5/19/08 8:00 PM)

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Francine Turk Gallery Review
We recently purchased 2 paintings from Francine Turk. I fell in love with her nudes and horse depictions. She is an AMAZING artist with a keen eye for raw emotion in her subjects. She is a wonderful artist. One of the greats.

- By Robin Smith-Davis (Sunday 1/6/08 8:04 PM)

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Architrouve Review
Affordable art, lots of variety, highly recommended. They also rent out the well designed space for special events.

- By DT (Thursday 12/20/07 11:25 AM)

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