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Recent Reviews - Festivals

Magnificent Mile Lights Festival Review
AMERICAN IDOL'S CRYSTAL BOWERSOX (with Frankie May) will PERFORM @ 3PM!!! Get ready for the release of her debut CD 12.14.10... pre-orders @ SEE YOU @ THE SHOW!!!

- By Terri May (Friday 11/12/10 2:30 PM)

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Chicago's Festa Pasta Vino Review
We've been attending the fest on and off for about 10-15 years but had not attended for the last few. We were pleasantly surprised to see how nicely the fest has developed. An entry fee was well worth the enhancements: vendor tents, additional lighting and decoration, professional stage with lighting and special effects. It's starting to go upscale with the enhancements and the clientele is becoming mixed traditional attendees and newcomers from other neighborhoods. Whomever is running it is doing a really nice job. I don't doubt it costs a good deal to hire a talented company to manage the event but it's worth it. If some volunteers are doing this... someone better hire them fast.

- By Doug Tally (Wednesday 6/23/10 8:13 AM)

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Taste of Randolph Street Review
My absolute favorite weekend last year. I had just moved to the West Loop and I had no idea how great this festival was. The food is amazing, de Cero, la Sardine and Market to name a few. Last year I caught the Hold Steady, this year I'm going to see Mathew Santos and One Eskimo, I love their single Kandi, I hear it on XRT almost every week driving to work. Yay!!!

- By lola (Friday 5/28/10 9:07 PM)

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International Quilt Festival Review
I have attended this event for several years and look forward to it with excitment! Stunning quilts of all types (traditional, contemporary, art, mixed media, etc.) and themes are featured, created by artists and quilters from all over the world. Classes and lectures are offered and hundreds of vendors are on hand to show the latest quilting tools and ,materials. I could easily spend two days there taking it all in!

- By sue ryan (Friday 4/16/10 10:20 PM)

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Boar's Head Festival Review
The Boar's Head Festival is an experience not to be missed! It is fun, keeps the audience interested, and is very touching! The music is absolutely wonderful! Do not miss this!

- By Darlene Wentland (Tuesday 1/19/10 2:01 AM)

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Chicago International Children's Film Festival Review
My kids and I LOVE this festival!

Both of my kids love movies and attending a kids festival where the directors ARE ACTUALLY THERE has made my 12 year old somewhat of a "film snob!"

All of the films are age-appropriate and the violence and disrespect towards adults and other children in most kids movies are not present in these films. What IS there are representations of intelligent children learning valuable lessons in important ways (not the cheesy kind of ways they do on televison that is often not believable).

I'm so glad I live in a city where I can take my children to movies that actually respect them!

And, this year, both my kids are taking a puppet animation workshop with the people who did CORALINE!

I wish the Chicago Int. Film Fest was as accessable as the Children's is!

- By Marion B. (Friday 10/9/09 12:41 PM)

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Italian Fall Festival Review
My family and I attended this festival on Sunday 10/4 and came away very pleased. My young kids enjoyed the rides and games and bought and decorated our pumpkin in their pumpkin patch. The food was great and the prices extremely affordable.

The entertainment was mostly in Italian but most familiar and very enjoyable.

looking forward to next year alrerady.

- By fred capasso (Monday 10/5/09 8:06 PM)

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Chicago Country Music Festival Review
I had a great time at the dance stage. I thought the instructor was the best. Got my execerise for the day! Hopefully, next year the tent will be located in a more prominent spot and not behind the food court.

- By Rita S (Monday 10/5/09 11:56 AM)

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Harvest Jam Review
The best is that the MIDNIGHT CIRCUS will have shows on Saturday September 19th 2pm & 5pm and Sunday September 20th at 1pm and 4pm - at WELLES PARK across the street from the fest! tickets at

- By Bill Bergfalk (Thursday 9/17/09 12:06 PM)

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Ginza Holiday Festival Review
I have been going to the Ginza Festival for many, many years. I love watching the martial arts demonstrations, kabuki dancers and best of all, the taiko drummers on stage. The chicken teriyaki is another reason I go to the festival. The master craftsmen that come in from Japan to demonstrate their crafts are amazing. There is such a sense of history in everything done and displayed, including the bonsai trees, flower aranging, oragami, calligraphy. They also allow you to attend a Buddhist service inside the temple. Everything is authentic, artistic and historic. I highly reccomend going. It's easy on the pocketbook, too.

- By Sheila A. Donovan (Friday 8/7/09 5:23 PM)

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African Festival of the Arts Review
GO! it's worth it. Get a weekend pass, that way you can be there the entire weekend. The food, the music, the vendors, the energy of the people!!! and plenty of Chicago's finest on hand! It's the city, it's the last of summer, enjoy being out and enjoying the CITY! I have been a vendor, and visitor for the past 15 years!

- By Patty (Friday 7/10/09 6:00 PM)

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African Caribbean International Festival of Life Review
Me and my wife have attended the festival for the last 5 years and we love it although we would love to see the Afro-Latin connection of the caribbean(Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, & Cuba) represented more. Salsa & merenque with all of its 'natural' instruments & percussions & foods got their roots from the "Motherland" also and it should not be forgotten!

- By Abel & LaShanda (Tuesday 6/30/09 2:31 PM)

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Germanfest Review
have gone to this fest for the past 4 years and it gets better and better every can't beat the food quality and price - all age ranges have something to do. Many great local bands to perform this year.

- By Paula (Friday 6/26/09 4:32 PM)

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African Caribbean International Festival of Life Review
I been every year for the pass 5 years and i love it. The food is good, the entertainment is wonderful, i just love it..

- By Renee" (Wednesday 6/17/09 2:55 PM)

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Dearborn Garden Walk and Heritage Festival Review
The Dearborn Garden Walk has also added a "Literary Garden Tour" of five author/story inspired garden vignettes created by some of Chicago’s finest design teams. This year’s designers include: Brian Snow of Semel-Snow Interior Design Inc., Susan Fredman Design Group Ltd., Meg Prendergast, Stanley Smith of Bernardaud, Soucie Horner Ltd., and Michele Fitzpatrick of Verde Design Studio. A definite crowd-pleaser!

- By Shelly Cellak (Tuesday 6/9/09 4:21 PM)

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Irish American Heritage Festival Review
I've been going to this event for years. It's by far the best festival in the city!!

- By Bob McNamara (Tuesday 5/26/09 12:37 PM)

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African Festival of the Arts Review
Rachelle Farrell, Fertile Ground, Les Nubians, and Kool & the Gang all were there in 2008! It was worth every penny and more to be in a safe, comfortable environment with so many top notch acts. I can't wait to see what this season brings!

- By Darrin B. (Friday 4/17/09 9:55 AM)

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Retro on Roscoe Review
Great festival. A lot of people,good music and lots of eats and drinks.Gate fee is only a donation but it helps put it on. Star events runs a festival.

- By george (Monday 2/9/09 9:19 AM)

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Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival Review
The point you bring up about quality control is accurate. The random shows I've witnessed have been pretty lame and cliche. But I am going next weekend with some informed choices and hope to see good stuff. I know there is amazing talent that performs at sketchfest, but you have to seek out groups that have good reputations, or get lucky with a random choice.

- By Osco (Wednesday 1/14/09 2:18 AM)

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Mayor Daley's Holiday Sports Festival Review
I'm the Head coach and owner of IGI Gymnastics in Westmont, IL, my team just competed at the Sports Festival and had a wonderful time! What a great idea! Cindy Morano the head of gymnastics for the Fest has been asking me for the longest time to go and we are so glad we did. Thank you Mayor Daley, Cindy and the Great City of CHICAGO!!

- By TODD GARDINER (Wednesday 12/31/08 3:56 PM)

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