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Recent Reviews - Dance Club

Nitro Dance Club Review
Me and a couple of my girls went to their foam party last year and omg we had the time of our lives. I would resommend this club to anyone that loves to see sexy guys/girls and loves house music. They get it crackin...cant wait to go back!!!

- By Portia (Thursday 6/17/10 1:56 AM)

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Plush Review
I have continuously had a great time at Plush my friends and I meet there weekly to eat and have a drink to unwind from the work week and catch up, i find the enviorment very calam and great to be in. I would recommend it to anyone who likes great food and a good enviorment weather on a date or meeting friends..... I LUV this place!

- By Tenika Taylor (Wednesday 1/6/10 12:01 PM)

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Two Left Feet Review
Just started taking classes here. I love it. the classes are well taught and easy to follow. The new mural they're painting on the wall is beautiful!

- By Maria (Thursday 12/3/09 9:40 AM)

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Restaurant Bulgaria Review
I've been to this place many times. One of my favorite places in the city. Nice atmosphere and good food at a reasonable price. I'd recommend the chicken paprika. Service can be at time slow and I've never seen the place busy. Still, if you are looking for a nice quite place with good food this is well worth it.

- By Sandor Udvary (Thursday 10/8/09 8:33 PM)

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Fleetwood Roller Rink Review
The Fleetwood Roller Rink is where I love to go. The new owner made a lot of changes.....put in air conditioning and got the place looking great. It's clean, the food is good, and everyone is so friendly.

- By Marie (Friday 8/7/09 1:48 AM)

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Level Review
I'm really glad that I decided to check this club out for myself even after reading this site's review. I was throwing a bachelorette party for my best friend and they were very accomodating. Free cover for a group of 15 and they gave us a complimentary bottle of champagne to celebrate our night. I was very pleased with the decision to have it there, our waitress was great and we had a fantastic night!

- By Lauren Kaiser (Wednesday 6/10/09 2:47 PM)

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Plush Review
I went on a thursday night. That was one of the nights the club promoters would be there. Plush is a very upscale place. It has a nice atmosphere. The waiters were wonderful! I asked for the boneless buffalo wings and they said only 6 came with them so I got a little worried because I was hungry. But when they brought them out with my fries it was enough to feed three people. They are very generous with the food! Every penny spent is worth it. I love Plush. I may go back today!

- By Rebecca Peacock (Friday 6/5/09 3:58 PM)

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Liar's Club Review
Liars is an enjoyable establishment. All kinds of music-depending on what day it is. I give it 9 thumbs up.

- By Mr. X (Thursday 4/23/09 2:35 AM)

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Level Review
A+ to level, there were no drama queens!!! people were normal, not that "club crowd" and we had a great time!

- By dave k (Tuesday 4/21/09 2:34 PM)

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LaSalle Power Co. Review
This place is what downtown needed, a tri-level bar with a full stage and resturant. For all crowds and ages, I had a great night and will be back soon.

- By James Romano (Saturday 4/4/09 2:39 PM)

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Xippo Review
Xippo is a refreshing change from yuppi/college joints and pubs that dominate the north side bar scene. Euro look, beautiful bar, and a fairly priced wine list make this somewhat cocktail-loungish. And that's a good thing. As a plus -- if your timing is right, a super nice bartender is Tijana from Serbia.

- By Bob (Sunday 2/1/09 2:29 PM)

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Tabu Banquets Review
Ah, the old Nite Waves.... Nocne Fala. The best ever Polish night club is back (sort of)! Tabu used to be Nite Waves which closed 8 years ago. Today it is very similar. The layout is slightly different. I don't think there is a dress code, but most people dress nice. Jeans are OK. No hats. Drink prices are average, but I don't know what the cover costs. Parking along the side or across the street. I've noticed some non-Polish speaking individuals in the club, but they are in the minority. The music is not as good as the old days, but it is alright. No more DJ Just Joe. Too bad. Good place for Highlanders.

- By Jere (Tuesday 12/23/08 4:23 PM)

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Orion Restaurant & Bar Review
Great south side Polish club for Polish speaking patrons. It apeals to Highlander Polish mostly. Very good music if you like Euro dance. Very little discopolo. Drink prices are good. Parking on the side streets is OK. Sometimes you'll have to park a block away, but it's no big deal. No live music.

- By Jere (Tuesday 12/23/08 4:13 PM)

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Plush Review
Wow is all i gotta say! The food was phenom! I came in on a thursday. They have half off all sandwhiches, and all beers are $3 . They have a wide selection of beers. peroni, blue moon, stella, 312 etc. I had the buffalo chicken sandwhich and it was superb. Best i ever had by far! Good crowd, great service and friendly chic atmosphere. i will be coming here alot in the future

- By jonny b (Monday 10/27/08 8:44 PM)

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Le Passage Discotheque Review
Just there on came recommended by a friend who lives in Chicago. My group was 4 girlfriend who range from 32-50. We were told by 2 locals to go as well. We arrived early 10ish, paid our $10 cover and walked the red carpet to the underground. What we found was a very nice establishment. Interesting enough all the seating (couch areas) were marked reserved. So other that a few hightops there is no place to gather. We were told the reserved seating was reserved ahead of time. I really enjoyed the club, found the crowd to be very interesting from the club seen Im used to in my hometown. It def is 30's professional status club with a few younger/older mixing. Yes there are gay men there as well. Most appeared to already be with a date. Didnt see alot of "hooking"up going on. Music was def hip/hop, rap with some mixing. Felt the 3 DJ's did a very good job. Drinks..we stayed with beer. Overall I think overpriced. Know its Chicago but $9 for a Miller is crazy. Also noticed not to many guys buying drinks for the that price who can afford to. Plenty of security, they do a nice job. I must say at 3am when I left many of those "reserved" tables remained empty. Not sure what that is all about but I did have a good time and would def go back.

- By M Tucker (Monday 10/27/08 9:32 AM)

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Red-I Lounge Review
Hhahaha, awesome place. I had my birthday party there. Great music, and the cute asian chicks were a plus. Great bar selection, and they even helped celebrate my birthday with me, announcing and singing songs with us. Couldn't have asked for a better time, even though I only remember half the night, lol!

- By Charles (Saturday 9/27/08 1:00 AM)

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Club Paradis Review
Great place to dance the night away in the burbs. Tried the Salsa night one Wednesday too and had a really good time (and an extra workout that week). Have eaten there too and food was excellent.

- By Red (Wednesday 8/20/08 3:31 PM)

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Club Volkan Review
I went to volkan this saturday 6/21/08 and Jesus I've never seing so many beautiful woman in my life specially they had these 3 girls in VIP they were out his world man if they promise me that this girls where gonna be there all the time I swear I'll be there all the time this mexican mamacitas are fine ass hell. Bien dicen lo hecho en mexico esta bien hecho.

- By friz (Sunday 6/22/08 5:55 PM)

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McDuffy's Review
I love McDuffy's! It is my favorite south side place! It's got amazing music, they play everything from rock to rap, and even some country if you're lucky! The people are great, the staff is great, and if you like poles, it's the place to get on the bar and get a free shot! Hope to see you all there soon!

- By Kelly:) (Thursday 5/29/08 3:46 PM)

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Energy Thursday Nite Dance Club Review
Def a club for techno fans. If you like trance thats heavy on the bass, you will love this club. Djs are usually pretty good. Girls dont like to wear too much clothing either. Get ready for light shows :D

- By Mr E (Thursday 4/3/08 7:07 PM)

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