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Cascade Drive-In

View Map 1100 E. North Ave., West Chicago
Tel: (630) 231-3150
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  • nofo says:
    On Friday 7/1/05 12:45 PM
    Drive-inns have alway been a great place to take the kids to see a movie. However, the last few weekends, Cascade has not had a first film for the kids. Too Bad. It excluded me and my family from going.

    Just a note on the projector quality. If the movie has dark scenes (Perfect Storm) I could not see most of the scene. Wonder if they could get a better projector...maybe one made in the last decade.

    Otherwise it's a fun time at the Cascade.

  • Josie says:
    On Thursday 6/16/05 8:58 PM
    I just wanted to say that I am extremely happy we now have a drive-in close by, Thanks to you. I have so many good memories from going to the drive-in as a child in Philadelphia,PA; you brought them all back. About two years ago I told my boyfriend of one of those good memories when my parents would take all four of us kids and a bucket of Kentucy fried chicken to a $3.00 a car load movie, and we loved it. On your opening March 2005' my boyfriend surprised me by doing the same for me, A Bucket of Kentucy Fried chicken and he was very well rewarded for his great surprise to me. Thank you, again. Josie:-) Hoffman Estates.

  • Lorri says:
    On Friday 5/27/05 5:05 PM
    I have been going to the Cascade since I was a child with my family. Now I have a child of my own and my family and I spend many summer nights at the Cascade Drive-In. It has become a family tradition that we look forward to every spring. Thanks Cascade for the memories and more to come.

  • shia says:
    On Friday 5/27/05 2:38 PM
    dude the drive in is AMAZING, its a great place to spend time with your loved ones and still have fun at the movies! its quite a bargain as well! Keep it up Cascade!

  • donald brown says:
    On Saturday 5/14/05 8:38 AM
    My BIG complaint about the Cascade is that the trucking outfit next door, (directly to the east), has Super bright lights that totally light up the drive in. This to me really screws up the genre. db

  • Tammy says:
    On Tuesday 5/10/05 9:10 PM
    Cascade is a great place to catch movies all summer and fall. To the people who complain....don't come!

  • Tiera says:
    On Saturday 4/9/05 8:57 PM
    i loved this place! i have been going for the past few years and its great. for people like myself with an SUV its great. who ever said parking in the back is a bust... is full of it. we parked in the 6th row back and had NO problem seeing anything. (some people are too dramatic!) great prices!!! keep up the good work!

  • Bryan says:
    On Friday 4/8/05 8:29 AM
    Just a reminder. Cascade movies & showtimes are listed at Better than calling - the phones are usually busy.

  • Peter says:
    On Thursday 4/7/05 10:39 AM
    Unfortunately I haven't been to Cascade in a while but the memories I have of that place are amazing. Always good times whenever I went there. And to the beer guy...well, don't get mad at the guy for doing his job and obeying the law.

  • Jason Owens says:
    On Monday 3/28/05 5:16 PM
    I've gone to the Cascade off and on for over fifteen years. The prices are still reasonable, and it's the only theater where you smoke around here. Only complaint I have is that in the summer they tend to start the movies before it's actually dark out, ruining the first fifeen or twenty minutes of the show. As for the beer guy guy, legally you can't consume alcohol while behind the wheel of a car, even if it's parked, Cascade is just protecting themselves by asking you to leave.

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