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Wholly Frijoles

View Map 3908 W. Touhy Ave., Lincolnwood
Tel: (847) 329-9810
Fax: (847) 329-9811
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  • Connel Smola says:
    On Saturday 2/14/09 2:40 PM
    Wholly Frijoles has become over-priced and disappointing. They were once a small, fresh restaurant, they are now bigger yet not better. Their food is fair at best nowadays. But my real beef is that their menu doesn't say when the lunch prices end and dinner begins. I went there around 3 p.m. one day, the waiter recommended a particular "lunch" item, and then I was charged dinner price. We complained to the owner, and for $5, she didn't budge and said she didn't care if she lost two customers. Well, she just lost us over $5. Bad business.

  • Lena says:
    On Sunday 7/15/07 2:59 AM
    I ate there a few weeks ago, and as a vegetarian, there wasn't a great ammount for me to choose from - the tortilla soup was pretty good however, and the mango cheesecake was OUT OF THIS WORLD. I would seriously go back with 5 friends and wait for 2 hours just to split one piece of joke.

  • Cynthia says:
    On Monday 4/16/07 3:58 PM
    The food and waiters are great at this restaurant. Very Corteous and respectful. The only problem is the wait and the manager. The manager is very rude disrespectful. She needs to start being nice to her customers before they loose business becasue of her!

  • D.Martin says:
    On Wednesday 12/6/06 4:53 PM
    I was a regular at this restaurant, the worst thing about this place is the owners rude wife who has no problem insulting you by not letting you sit down at a table if you state that your party is outside parking the car. i simply said i would sit down to order a beverage while my friends were parking and she was beligerant. i believe she is just ignorant to running a bussiness..i will not eat there anylonger, regardless of how good the food is..@#$%% wholly Frigidwholly..

  • Dave says:
    On Saturday 11/25/06 10:12 AM
    Not only did we wait over an hour and fifteen minutes to be seated, but the staff was totally rude, with the exception of our waiter. The food was mediocre at best, not enough spice or flavor. On top of that there was some type of insect crawling on my plate and the manager said "You were almost finished with it anyway”, does that mean it's ok to have an insect crawling on the plate I'm eating from? She never even apologized, God forbid she offer me something else or offer to pay for the meal she just said “the insect did not come from the food.” Then where did it come from? Don't waste your time with this place that isn't even clean and offers such rude service. It should be shut down!

  • Julie says:
    On Wednesday 11/22/06 4:54 PM
    Food aside, the management of this restaurant is atrocious! I have never been treated so poorly in my life! After my boyfriend had sour cream spilled all over him all we were given was a halfhearted sorry from the waitress who had done it, we weren’t even offered a moist towel to wipe up the mess let alone assistance cleaning up the mess, a formal apology, or compensation for damages. After we pointed out that the clothing would have to be dry cleaned the waitress offered us $10 FROM HER OWN POCKET! Only after asking for the manager did she drag herself to our table, with much attitude. After explaining the situation she shrugged and said “What do you want me to do? I didn’t spill it.” And walked off. My boyfriend being the very kind, “always do the right thing” guy that he is still paid the full bill and left a tip; when I felt we should have walked out. I was so upset that I decided to tell the manager I felt I received the worst customer service she could possibly offer and we would not be back. She proceeded to scoff at me and ask what she should have done. I told her she should have apologized, asked him to send her the dry cleaning bill and comped his portion of the meal. At the mere mention of us receiving anything for free she began yelling “Oh I see, you’re cheap! You want everything for free!” over and over. And we had already paid. Bottom line, if you want mediocre food and to be treated like crap go to Wholly Frijoles. Just don’t wear your good clothes.

  • ariel says:
    On Sunday 10/8/06 2:21 PM
    This is the best mexican restaurant. The food is great, sevice is great.But Veronica? I think all the money that she making there is getting to her. This restaurant is perfect except for her.

  • Vanessa Morales says:
    On Saturday 9/16/06 2:11 PM
    Me and my boyfriend love Wholly Frijoles and I'm so glad all of you do too! We have been going there since it opened and it was about half of the size of what it is today...They get so busy that you should call ahead of time for reservations...and if the waiters take a little longer than usal it's because of how busy they get...people will wait up to 2 hours to be seated because of the amazing food...It is an amazing place...The tortilla soup is out of this world and the presentation is amazing. I usually have the bistec cancun which comes with grilled steak, grilled pineapple, and mashed potatoes that are to die for...but i've also had the fillete de guachinango a la veracruzana which is a fillet of fish on mashed potatoes and a side of rice....don't think it's small because it is a huge dinner....for dessert if you have enough room for it, the creme brule is delicious as well as the flan and the mango chessecake which is unlike any other cheesecake...AMAZING!!!

  • Rebecca Rubin says:
    On Sunday 6/4/06 6:58 PM
    this place is truly worth the wait. Best chances are off-times, i.e. 4:30 before the dinner rush or after 2:00 for lunch. The quality of the food is superb and will spoil you for other Mexican restaurants. some people complain of the service but I have never had a problem though I don't linger at busy times which is hard for such a small popular place if the tables don't turn over. Hungry people are crabby people!

  • Flatlander Jack says:
    On Monday 12/5/05 11:09 PM
    Saved by Wholly Frijoles! When our best laid plans fell apart for a night out on our 16th year anniversary, I was scrambling to find a last minute plan b. Agreeing on Mexican food, I remember passing by this restaurant everyday on my way to work and decided to take a quick look on the internet for any help on making the decision to try or not. GLAD WE DID.

    The place is small, ambiance a little corny, area where we sat was cold BUT...... once we got going with the chips and salsa, I knew we were in for a great treat. Salsa was out of this world. In no way was it overpowering or burning hot. The flavor was just enough to tickle the taste buds. Chips were warm and fresh. When the main dishes came, our eyes widened with delight. Portions were plentyful and the presentation was extremely appealing. My wife had the Bistec with Enchilada while I had the Bistec Cancun. Although we were anxious to try each others fare, it was hard to give up what we had which left us no room for desert. The service was very friendly. Needless to say, not a bad plan b, which will now be on or A plan and our 16th anniversary is now memorable. We are recommending to all our picky friends. Just one question thought. Do they call it Wholly Frijoles because there is NO beans????

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