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Grand Central

View Map 950 W. Wrightwood Ave., Chicago
Tel: (773) 832-4000
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  • Luciana says:
    On Saturday 2/25/06 5:55 PM
    I was also appalled at the rude treatment I received at this place. The manager had the most uncivilized attitude I have ever seen. He and security were literally shoving people out less than 5 minutes after everybody had paid for their last call drink. Such behavior is unacceptable and inexcusable. Never coming back!!

  • Ben says:
    On Saturday 2/25/06 12:41 PM
    I liked this place very much. Until last night. Imagine sitting at a table with friends, having a great time, and suddenly a bunch of uncivilized idiots shows up and continously yells at the guests to "get the f%*?*k out of here". Would you go there again? Nope!!

  • Steve says:
    On Sunday 11/20/05 7:52 PM
    I like this place, but the last two times I was there they've instituted a policy that really, really aggravates me. I understand that they like to keep a favorable girl/guy ratio in there, but it's foolish to take a mixed group and send the girls in while the guys have to wait in line. I was with three girls who are very attractive. They went in and I had to stand in line, and they knew the girls were with me. I wasn't quite sure of the reasoning for this. Then I had to stand there, a group of one, at the very front of the line for 45 minutes while they let in several groups of 5-10 people. It was pretty blatant. The staff inside is cool, but the door guys rubbed me the wrong way, to put it mildly.

    I could understand if I had come by myself or with a group of guys, but the treatment I received at the door was pretty crappy, considering the circumstances. Highly unprofessional.

  • kevin says:
    On Friday 10/28/05 11:43 AM
    my friends and i had the best time we've had in a long time on a thursday night....great bar-staff, the HOTTEST women in chicago, cool trio-band that played blues, to pearl jam, to clash, to elvis, to doors---you name it!!! a BLAST!!!!!

  • Chris says:
    On Monday 9/26/05 1:02 PM
    When I arrived at The Grand Central, I had to wait in line - which wasn't a big deal other than the people behind me who wouldn't stop complaining about it. We could see several empty tables through the window, so that was their major gripe.

    Once I got in (about a 1/2 wait), I was plesantly surprised to find a great mix of cute girls and sexy women. They were largely standing around in groups of 3 or 4 and waiting to meet guys.

    The prices were average and the DJ needs to get a few new songs (I heard several songs 2 times) but I had a good time.

  • SuzyQ says:
    On Monday 9/12/05 7:45 PM
    I love this place!! It's a great mix of being like the local bar but also having a little bit of a downtown-loungey feel. The drinks and food aren't too expensive, but the crowd isn't exactly composed of all short-and-flip-flops types. The best of all worlds I say...

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