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Seven Ten Lanes (Hyde Park)

View Map 1055 E. 55th St., Chicago
Tel: (773) 347-2695
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  • Robin says:
    On Monday 5/12/08 6:51 PM
    Seven Ten is terrible all around. They cannot cook things well, and the meatloaf is prepackaged and then prepared in a microwave! The steak is a cheap cut, and the staff are totally ambivalent when you complain. The managers, one who obviously has no life and the other who reeks of smoke, make you feel as if they are lecturing to you like a five year old if you ask a question about the menu. Why not ask the staff? Well, they don't know anything! My boyfriend was celebrating his son's birthday there, and even though we arrived on time, we were not allowed to go into the area we'd reserved for the party until another party (who ran over their time) had left, which was 1/2 an hour. So, our waitress told us to stay the extra time and they wouldn't charge us, but when that bill came, that extra time was on there, plus a charge for going over! So, we had to get outright ignorant in order to get that corrected. Not to mention they didn't have any of the beer that my boyfriend wanted, and he ended up getting forced to order hard liquor. He was not happy, neither was I. We'll never go there again.

  • Service here sucks says:
    On Friday 3/14/08 10:36 AM
    Will someone please fire everyone who works at Seven-Ten and hire people who are not so freakin' lazy and who suck at life. I was so disappointed because the food is awesome but the people who work there are terrible. Waste of space half of em'.

  • Susan says:
    On Saturday 9/29/07 11:29 AM
    We have always experienced an indifferent staff but on September 27 we experienced a very rude staff. We were watching the Cubs game (the night they clinched the division) and the staff changed the TV to the Sox game. I complained, then my husband complained. The apparent manager started lecturing my husband about his tone and indicated that we were in Sox territory. We paid for our barely drunk beers and left the establishment. They simply don't understand how to treat customers

  • DocQ says:
    On Wednesday 6/13/07 10:44 PM
    By far the best burger and best fries in Hyde Park. (I know the competition isn't exactly stiff, but they're actually very tasty) Great patio for summer dining or drinking in the open air. Very friendly helpful management. Crowd draws from surrounding neighborhood, fewer students than you'd think given its location, but welcoming to all.

  • Offended Customer says:
    On Wednesday 7/5/06 7:39 AM
    I was at SevenTen on Sunday night, July 2 and was very disappointed in the nature in which one of the servers felt she could treat paying customers... we were in the backroom playing pool at an event that was advertised to last until 2:00 AM. About 12:30 we heard a very loud and obnoxious voice yelling the following "SevenTen does not pay overtime so you need to get the he** up out of here!" My friends and I sort of looked at each other and continued to play pool. But then noticed that the yelling continued. The yelling was an employee standing in the main part of the bar yelling at the top of her lungs. We finally asked the sponsors of our event what was going on and at that time and only at that time did we learn that the establishment was closing early. I have no issue with the establishment closing early - but you go to your PAYING customers and notify them in a polite and professional manner - you do not yell at the top of your lungs from another room. Trust, I will not waste my money at SevenTen again.

    Very truly yours, Lost... what was a devoted patron of SevenTen.

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