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Joy Yee's Noodles

View Map 2139 S. China Place, Chicago
Tel: (312) 328-0001
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  • Maureen says:
    On Sunday 8/7/11 1:44 PM
    We loved it. We had short ribs, pad Thai, chicken fried rice, mussels in noodles and meat sauce, Vietnamese spring rolls and crab Rangoon. Best crab Rangoon ever. Delish Thai iced chai. We liked the huge variety, and very fast service. No waiting on a bust Sunday at noon. Definitely will go back.

  • Sonia Chung says:
    On Wednesday 10/17/07 10:31 AM
    I would highly recommend that you do not go there if you value your health. My food came with a roach in it. When I asked to speak to the manager /owner nobody had the courtesy to show up at our table. I waited in line for 30 minutes to be served food with a roach in it and no apology. Maybe they think the roach provides a zing to the food!!

  • Tina says:
    On Tuesday 10/9/07 9:07 PM
    This place sucks. I have been there twice and found hair in my food. Hygiene is terrible.

  • Chris Lee says:
    On Friday 2/2/07 11:49 AM
    (CHINA TOWN LOCATION) They have a BIG menu. That's good. HOWEVER, if you want a dish that is uncomparably delicious, there are only a few to choose from. Otherwise, just go to a "real" chinese restaurant that doesn't spread out their effort & focus over 5 pages of mediocre pan-asian choices. BTW, don't ever order any of their Korean stuff. This non-Korean restaurant just totally butchers korean food. (I'm Korean) If you think they have good korean stuff, obviously you've never tried authentic GOOD korean food. Other than the fact that it's fresh, there's nothing GREAT about their drinks. Don't ever get the tapioca balls, it is by far the lowest quality tapioca EVER. It is mushy and has funny sour aftertaste. I've had amazing bubble tea drinks and Joy Yee's is certainly not it. But I do give them props because they have a huge selection and they give you large portions

  • joy yee lover/complainer all at the same time says:
    On Monday 10/23/06 1:18 AM
    soo yes joy yees is a crowded..and yes the service isn't top rated..but you must expect this noting that this is in a plaza at chinatown where it is next to restaurants around the same size..but the menu is huge with pictures to tell you a little more about what your getting..I'm a frequent joy yee visitor yet I agree with the rest of the complaints listed below but hey where else can u go in chinatown or anywhere else for the same food and abundant supply of drinks...please tell me and I am there!!!

    new location by UIC much more roomier..although prices are slightly higher....but its good

  • tina says:
    On Sunday 3/26/06 12:59 AM
    honostly, this chinatown hot spot is over rated, they're lucky that their smoothies are good to make up for their uber crappy service. I've never seen one of their employees smile. and their food is honostly nothing special if it weren't for the cute bowls they serve them in.

  • Shannon says:
    On Tuesday 12/6/05 2:24 PM
    A few of us went a little back, and most likely won't be going back. First of all, they didn't have half of the stuff we wanted to order. He recommended some. When it finally arrived, my was cold and all it was some fried pork chop on rice:( It was dry and very much lacking in any flavor. It was screaming out for something, anything. Gravy maybe. Out of the four dishes, none were good. The service was okay. The place cramped. The food mediocre to bad, and the price was high for chinatown. Anyway, we all agreed on this: Just get the drinks, and pass on the food.

  • Rick vW says:
    On Saturday 9/10/05 5:31 PM
    We went to the Naperville location at 6PM on a Saturday and the place was just about filled up to capacity. The waiting staff is super efficient and courteous and they keep an amazing pace. The food was delivered tmely and in properly timed sequence (i.e. they do keep track on how your meal is progressing). Now for the food: AMAZING variety / choice and we loved everything we received. My rule of thumb is: if the Won Ton soup is good, then so is the rest. Here this proved true as well! We ended up ordering 7 dishes between the 2 of us, just to sample it. Also, 99% of the dishes is sub 10$. Excellent value for excellent food.

  • Ryan says:
    On Tuesday 8/2/05 9:59 PM
    humiliated customer below: Send me ypour address you cheap skate and I'll give you the 3.50. I would be humiliated too if I knew someone knew it was me who wrote that over three bucks.

    This place ha the best chinese food in the city. It is in the Chinatown mall so yes it is small and crappy and that is what you expect when you walk in. The waitstaff is busy and moving at 100 mph. They won't hold your hand or crack jokes bu they are efficient and do their job.

    This is by far the best restaurant in Chinatown and I think the best Chinese in the city. PLEASE open one in Wicker or Lincoln Park!!!

  • Lloyd says:
    On Tuesday 3/29/05 5:40 PM
    The place is too small and the service is not the best, but the food and the presentation is what keeps me going back. The menu is huge and can be overwhelming but everything is good. I love the way they present the food with the cool boat shaped plates and wooden box platters. And the portions are HUGE! The bubble tea shakes are amazing! Try the Taro bubble tea, it's sweet and delicious! Go there for the food and bubble tea. Just be prepared for long lines (steer clear of the weekends), mediocre service, and elbow to elbow closeness to other customers. Worth the wait and trip!

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