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Pars Cove

View Map 435 W. Diversey Pkwy., Chicago
Tel: (773) 549-1515
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  • Thibaud says:
    On Thursday 7/17/08 12:31 AM
    I just moved to the neighborhood four days ago and Pars Cove is already my favorite place. It's exactly what I'm looking for: delicious home style cuisine with affordable prices, a family atmosphere with loving care for their guests, and Max (the owner) has a great heart. Bravo!

  • mario says:
    On Saturday 7/5/08 12:36 AM
    I have eaten at this restaurant for almost 30 years. I have gone to many places around the world and have eaten many kinds of food in all 5 continents and about 50 countries. I have been in Ritziest down to dirtiest and have seen many kinds of people. Just for you the readers: in the center of Tokyo there was a hidden place (from tourists) a very large block of cheap and quick food service center with over 300 vendors (they may still be there) and my body - Yasuo-san took me there. I loved it and did not get sick. I have eaten in places such as Plamer house Hilton and saw a rat on the side of the banquet hall about 10 years ago eating off a plate in the dirty dishes. I also have seen may other rats in other 4 or 5 star places.... If you think a restaurant with care and family run is going to cheat on its clients, you better go and live in a hospital (o no, i have seen bad and dirty food there too) best... move to china... o no not there.... lets move to the white house.... o no.... they got food poisoning there while ago too.... so... what enjoy your food and relax. no one is planning to loose business over your dead body.... love ya

  • The truth speaks for itself says:
    On Friday 7/4/08 12:12 PM
    "Nobody is dead with the whole situation, and frankly, it is yesterday's news"

    You disgust me. Would you say that if YOUR grandmother was lying in a hospital bed for over a month because of a "taste" of Pars Cove?

    Many people were made very ill by this, and just because no one died doesn't make the situation less horrible.

    You'll notice Pars Cove isn't at the Taste of Chicago this year.

    Thank god for that.

  • Josey says:
    On Sunday 6/15/08 10:45 PM
    I noticed your restaurant was implicated in a mass salmonella poisoning in 2007 at the Taste of Chicago.

  • love pars!!!!!!!! says:
    On Tuesday 4/8/08 12:36 AM
    This is my favorite restaurant by far. I try to make it in at least once a week - but, I could go every day. Love the people who work there, the food is the absolute best, love the atmosphere, love everything! I could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    YUM! Best dining experience EVER!

  • John says:
    On Tuesday 12/18/07 11:22 PM
    This was my first time at Pars Cove and I loved it. It was quaint and cozy with a nice fire place in the corner. The food was fantastic. I had the lamb shank with pomegranite sauce. It was tender and melted in your mouth. I will definitely go again and explore more foods. The service was very good too.

  • Diane says:
    On Wednesday 11/14/07 3:31 PM
    I ate and Pars Cove for the first time on Nov. 1, 2007 as a guest of my son and daughter in law who are frequent diners of the establishment. It was my first taste of Persian food and let me tell you from start to finish it was excellent. The staff was delightful, the dining experience and the food something I will never forget. Thank you for a wonderful evening and I will be back next time I am in Chicago.

  • Tary says:
    On Saturday 11/3/07 9:37 PM
    We stayed at the Willows Hotel recently, where we asked the staff to recommend a good restaurant close by. He said we should try Pars Cove, a Persian place. I have to admit that I was not too sure, having never tried Persian food before. I must say, it was one of the most delicious meals I have ever eaten. We started with the sampler, which gave me my first tastes of hummus and baba ghanoush. Delightful. We were also served vegetarian lentil soul. Great. Then I stuck with something basic, shrimp and chicken kabobs. They followed it all up with complimentary ice cream with honey and cinnamon. Just when we thought it couldn't get any better, the three ladies at our table were given long stemmed pink roses. The service was great. Food came in a timely manner, the ambiance was great. The sampler was $7, three meals averaged $13 each! Can't recommend it enough.

  • Lucy says:
    On Friday 10/12/07 10:38 AM
    A group of us went to Pars Cove last night for the first time and had a wonderful experience. The selection of food was very generous, well presented and delicious. The service was great and the ambience lovely. It is good value as well. I would not hesitate to recommend this restaurant and would definetley return.

  • G-man says:
    On Wednesday 10/3/07 11:42 AM
    I LOVE Pars Cove. It is a great restaurant. As a show of support I went there right after the Taste, and the food was excellent and fresh, as always.

    Go there. You will love it.

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