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Untouchable Tours

View Map 600 N. Clark St., Chicago
Tel: (773) 881-1195
View Website
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  • Dan James and Stephanie Ryan says:
    On Thursday 8/23/07 11:36 AM
    The tour was very disapointing on many levels. The guides were not skilled, their stories were dull, the sound system was of poor quality making it difficult to hear and the bus was horribly hot and uncomfortable. Considering the amount of money made on each tour.(3000.00 per day) you would think they could afford better equipment. don't waste your time or money!!!

  • Eoin Tuck says:
    On Friday 5/25/07 7:43 AM
    Loved the tour, Louie's a funny guy

  • Linda Cichos says:
    On Tuesday 4/10/07 8:02 AM
    Our family of 4 took this tour while visiting and loved it! Even our 15 yr old admitted it was way better than he thought it would be. It is a bit cheesy, but I think that is part of the charm. This is more of a fun tour than a serious one, even though some subject matter is deathly serious. It was a great way to get to see places of Chicago you normally wouldn't drive through on your own. We loved the added comments of things going on in the city - past, present and future - about some of the culture and generally being entertained. I would reccommend this tour if you are looking for what I described. If you want serious and highly educational, you will be disappointed.

  • Dave says:
    On Friday 11/10/06 10:12 AM
    This tour was very neat! If you are a resident of this great City or just on Vacation/Visiting, this is a Must see. The 2 guys who did the tour were great and funny. The Stories they guides told were funny and informative.

    A MUST SEE!!

  • Sherry says:
    On Tuesday 5/30/06 12:30 PM
    We had a great time! It was informative and entertaining. We got to see and hear stories about places in Chicago that we never would have known about if it wasn't for this tour. The guides, Lefty and Louie were did a great job of story telling!

  • brian starr says:
    On Sunday 4/23/06 7:42 PM
    i just wanted to say that i enjoyed the tour but i just have one complaint and that is about not stopping at any of the locations it would have been better if we could have left the bus at places like the biograph theater and the site of the saint valentines day killing instead of pointing it out as we drove by

  • Eddie wolize says:
    On Wednesday 2/1/06 5:07 PM
    Denise Witry, is one sexy lady,loved that short 20s dress she had on during the tour. Loved that yellow tong she had on.

  • pete pukalec says:
    On Wednesday 11/30/05 11:53 AM
    Hey miss Denise witry, Had a great time. She also has great leggs!!!!!

  • Sandra says:
    On Saturday 9/10/05 5:01 PM
    Had a great 2 hours on this tour. The 2 guys were great! Good laugh.

  • Gary Carnes says:
    On Monday 9/29/03 7:22 PM
    2 times I have been on this tour. If all goes as planned I will in about 10 days have the opportunity to experience it all again for the 3rd time. It is impossible to decribe how interesting this adventure is. You just have to see it all for yourself. Call, make a reservation and then go on the tour. I promise you will not be sorry that you did. Hope to see you on this bus.

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