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Baton Show Lounge

View Map 432 N. Clark St., Chicago
Tel: (312) 644-5269
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  • cpsiuus says:
    On Thursday 1/26/12 4:22 AM
    ZSSgvM fucazderqxep

  • Amber says:
    On Monday 1/23/12 6:07 AM
    Thank God! Someone with birnas speaks!

  • kennypass says:
    On Tuesday 12/20/11 3:33 AM
    Been to the Baton before, YES, The drinks are overpriced and small. And yes you are packed in like the poor, three to a bed.And YES, The girls, for the most part..DELIVER! Ginger Grant crack wise, she Will remember you and YES, IF you're cute and semi straight looking expect to get singled out but its all in good form and fun. Some of the girls are showing a bit of wear and tear and have a hard look. They still bust their silicone filled butts to show you a good time. Chilli Pepper was all Hollywood glamour, down to earth and has the best legs this side of Tina Turner.Ageless, amazing. Monica Munro prowled the stage and tore it up. Some others danced it up or at least showed effort.I do agree that the girls in Atlanta pull out all the stops but the Baton is still worth the trip. Have fun. Always try to take someone who's never been there. It cuts down on your catty vision. Noplace is as much fun after your first time. That transgendered girl with the comments must be getting turned into a drag queen in training herself. Straight people beware certain reviews. If you can't say something nice, you're probably gay...our culture is cutting and cutting edge. Especially older bitter queens that can't walk in heels. Smile today. Have fun at the Baton!!

  • kelley says:
    On Thursday 11/27/08 8:13 PM
    i went to the baton in the late 70's and early 80's was a great place then as far as entertainment, Jan Howard was the bomb, Chili was good, Leslie, but it is not the same as time has went by. The staff, well they were always rude guess some things never change.

  • Casey K. says:
    On Tuesday 7/15/08 12:41 AM
    I have been to drag queen shows before. I went with 3 others. The place seemed dirty, The show was OK. We were in the front row and my brother who is very handsome and Str8 was not sure what to do. So the OLD one Chilli Pepper was VERY rude and crude to him. She/he is SCARY LOOKING! She/he must be very insecure, she kept flashing this cheap looking jewelry, most of it looked fake, I wanted to get up and slap that rude OLD man. Other than that it was OK.

  • Amber Romance says:
    On Thursday 7/10/08 1:16 AM
    Aloha from paradise!!!

    I have been to the Lounge on numerous occasion and at this time my Niece Sasha works there!!! Its an exciting and unforgettable experience!!! Great Job to all the GIRLIES!!!

    GORGEOUS!!! Aloha from your, Polynesian Barby doll!

  • Aydene Militello says:
    On Monday 1/21/08 11:00 AM
    Being trans gendered I rather know what to ezpect in Chicago - kinda open and accepting but afraid of msimplke old strip teasers. baton could do the Mom Pop thing in mthe first evenings performances and then switch to a little more earthy stuff later in the evening. The drinks are rushed to fill the minimum requirement but they're served courtiously. The jokes??? I've heard them before,,,Chili??? time to hang it up Sweety and let someone else put onmthe boy suit and strut.

  • John M says:
    On Friday 9/14/07 12:17 AM
    Have you ever heard of a bar where you cannot buy someone a drink??? I am gay, but wanted to buy a girl a drink, as she is getting married in 2 days...Apparently, that is not allowed..... What the f is that all about????

  • DONNA says:
    On Monday 12/18/06 2:05 PM
    I've been to the Baton several times in the past few years. Always had a great time. The girls are fabulous. I've even taken a freind who is transgendered. And was always treated with respect. I use the pay park around the corner felt safe and is just a short walk.

  • mike says:
    On Tuesday 8/8/06 10:15 AM
    Well it is not what it used to be. I remember Carrie Saunders and Samantha from the night life and those were performers. What happend to Chili Pepper. The Baton is still great to bring people who have never seen a show but the girls are not pretty at all.

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