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Kingston Mines

View Map 2548 N. Halsted St., Chicago
Tel: (773) 477-4646
Fax: (773) 472-3241
View Website
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24 Review(s) Total

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  • qnxibu says:
    On Saturday 9/8/12 6:20 AM
    NI79EC , [url=]raontlwhiqkh[/url], [link=]rtzmmvltwdct[/link],

  • vhdgtgg says:
    On Friday 9/7/12 6:36 AM
    V9f5GS nrersroaffes

  • asyqemzff says:
    On Thursday 9/6/12 4:06 PM
    DqN6cX , [url=]opfagwwnokdz[/url], [link=]eyulhqfbcacd[/link],

  • wybkunelilb says:
    On Wednesday 9/5/12 9:52 AM
    rB4M2q dshgorkohkjk

  • Sonia says:
    On Tuesday 9/4/12 9:08 PM
    Yance, ha! I'm not sure which clubs in Finland they'll be playing, but when I find out, I'll lhctea know.Mike, I want to go and check out one of their shows so bad.Jody, Hey thanks! I used the cracked edges from a Household magazine from the 30 s.Josh, thanks dude, I'm having fun with it. Compared to all the 3d stuff, this 2d stuff is so much more relaxing.

  • skytophall says:
    On Saturday 11/8/08 10:14 AM
    I had a great time and would highly recommend Kingston Mines. I am from upstate NY and went to Chicago on a business trip. A friend of mine from Chicago took us here. This was my first experience at a Chicago blues bar. I am glad I went.

  • sugar says:
    On Tuesday 10/30/07 7:46 PM
    Kingston Mines is for tourists, plain and simple. It lost its integrity as soon as it started charging more than $10 for admission. All I see are businessmen in suits nowadays. Native Chicagoans know better than to consider this authentic.

  • Mike says:
    On Wednesday 12/20/06 8:06 PM
    What can I say, fantastic. A 40 year old blues bar that does it the same as the day it opened. If you want raw blues that hasn't changed much since the 60's, this is the place. I goto Chicago to party about once a month and I always hit this place up. I'll stick on Rush for awhile, get a little tipsy, then take a cab up north to Kingston Mines.

    2 stages: they're in two different rooms but each band will alternate throughout the night on each one. It makes for some fun moving from side to side. The prices are up there, but don't kid yourself. This is Chicago and this is a place where Blues continue to live and breath. You can't hear this stuff at Legends or House of Blues. This is real. Dig it.

    See you on New Years.

  • Tommy Di says:
    On Monday 6/26/06 1:47 PM
    I was outside the Smokehouse Blues bar in Apalachin, N.Y.having a smoke with Jeff of Eddie Shaw and The Wolf Gang (loved eddie Jr's licks on that unique Gibson.) When he mentioned Kingston Mines. I took him up and you have an incredible venue for the blues. Verrry Nice!!!!!!

  • Blue M says:
    On Thursday 2/2/06 1:57 PM
    "The music business is -business-, not music." This old saying, used to set young hopefuls straight on their chances, is well applied to the Kingston Mines: While blues music is supposedly the reason for the place to exist, it more often seems like their here to herd people in, push them around, and hand out discipline. In spite of all the enlarging they've done over the years,(which, by the way, has destroyed any personality the place once had), the sight lines are apparently so poor that every place you stand is -against the rules-! It's no exageration to say that you could pay twelve bucks, stand around for aminute, and get kicked out , without even knowing exactly what happened. This place is a clubhouse for the security crew, not a blues bar.

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