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View Map 5100 N. Western Ave., Chicago
Tel: (773) 728-3222
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  • Braja says:
    On Friday 9/28/12 5:55 PM
    I'm totally on a roll tognhit >_>; I don't know how you feel about SNSD, but I'd love it if you reviewed their first Japanese album. I know how you feel about ballads and all, but I think it would be interesting to see your take on it.

  • Bae says:
    On Sunday 7/18/10 7:16 PM
    It may not be totally authentically Korean but I will be honest and tell you the food made me okay with dying in food bliss. Not the best food in the world but the Galibi was juicy, tender and savory. Then the bartender "Ben" was amazing. He can suggest and make an amazing drink.

    If you become friends with him then he will most likely hook you up. He will drink with you and is very friendly. He is not Korean but no biggie! ;-) Anyway, the yuk gae hang we ordered was so good that my sister and I can not wait until we return to order it again!

    We returned for their Sunday night and it was delicious (I wrote it in Korean and it won't post it!)! It was completely filling! I can't wait to order more sojutinis and food. It may not win my heart in authenticity but in flavor it has won a place in my stomach that will last some time.

  • Emm Gin says:
    On Monday 7/5/10 5:02 AM
    The one thing better than karaoke is private karaoke! The rates are reasonable and there is a diverse mix of song. Whether you want pop, rock, showtunes, j-pop, or country there is something for you. Best of all, you don't have to wait for people you don't know to sing songs you don't care about....sure, you do have to pretend to care about your friends' songs, but that's what friends are fooooor!

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