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Piatto Pronto

View Map 5624 N. Clark St., Chicago
Tel: (866) 441-5452
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  • Suzanne says:
    On Saturday 7/24/10 8:35 PM
    Piatto Pronto is a gem in the neighborhood. After being spoiled living downtown for years, we so missed the authenticity and quality of the small specialty food stores. Piatto Pronto not only offers superior quality Italian foods but such a sense of community as well.

    Their sandwiches are to die for - especially the Italian tuna! - and they are a fabulous value. We've ordered prepared foods for parties that were a huge hit with our guests and placed special orders for our special Italian recipes. And their everyday staples, like milk and eggs, are priced below Jewel.

    Mike and Ben and crew are absolutely the best - always a smile and they remember you the next time you come in. Really, a gem!

  • Benjamin Sharp says:
    On Sunday 9/20/09 10:10 PM
    This place has alright products, but not unique or anything. I could find the same italian/ american/european shit in other areas of the city. The owner seems to be nice to customers and is willing to do anything to please them. A little tooo willing to give anything for customer satisfaction, but he seems to be really mean and a total asshole to his employees. I was once there and I don't think he saw a customer was there. But I saw him completely infuriated at one of his employees for misplacing something or for not remembering where something was I think, but he threw a total fit at the worker for nothing. He even slammed something on the counter very rudely and yelled. It was very inappropriate. It does not seem he respects his workers at all. I went back like a few weeks later to check it out again, and he was pissed again. The employees always seem unhappy to be there when the boss is present. When the boss is gone, you always see them smile more and interact more. After the few times I went there, I realized that I don't feel it's worth going there and spending my money on a store that treats people like that. I gave it more than a few tries, and even though I found what I needed in the store, the owner is an asshole and not worth it. Not after I saw what I saw. P.S If you tip the workers, tip them directly. Never put tip in the tip jar.

  • Chris says:
    On Sunday 6/22/08 8:46 AM

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