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View Map 1245 N. Clybourn Ave., Chicago
Tel: (312) 944-1245
Fax: (312) 944-1242
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  • qxclupqp says:
    On Wednesday 12/5/12 8:00 AM
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  • tofppd says:
    On Wednesday 12/5/12 1:26 AM
    AADaqI ahrmhqqxqkcu

  • asumjypdp says:
    On Monday 12/3/12 8:44 PM
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  • viwtubyzy says:
    On Saturday 12/1/12 9:52 AM
    5kGFLP gwksfbjajbzk

  • Ahon says:
    On Saturday 12/1/12 1:11 AM
    When I went for Lasik consultations I think its about anhwreye from 2000 to 4000 per eye. And I'm pretty sure insurance does not cover it anyway as its considered cosmetic. If its a matter of price or precision, I would go for the better recommended/reviewed doctor even if they cost more than franchise style dr's (lasik plus, tlc laser center) etc. Its your vision- dont mess around with it- find a good dr. go on at least 4 consultations and then make your decision. Was this answer helpful?

  • Joe Arnold, MD says:
    On Monday 7/23/12 8:06 PM
    I went their with my girlfriend and the place was shabby. We expected that so who cares. Pakistanis were very respectful with us... it was like lost brothers... so I do not agree with Ted... he is really paranoid. We stayed their for a couple of hours and then my girlfriend called her female friends too. Initially yes a little leering but not to the point of making us uncomfortable but that settled down. Mosque is there but no one knows until you ask for. The big difference between Pakistani and Indian food is that Pakistani food is just too good... for Indians do not know how to cook meat. By the way we are white Americans in our early 30s. The food was really good and it is worth a try and if you feel uncomfortable take home - that I am sure you will not feel uncomfortable unless you are parnoid. Try nahari, quroma and biryani atleast really good. We plan to go there next week again. Eat well.

  • Ted Brockton says:
    On Monday 11/8/10 1:52 PM
    We stopped there, food was cold, in heat trays. Had the feel of something suspicious going on. They have a mosque in the basement, which must be illegal due to zoning issues.

    Not a family friendly place, unless you want to bring your family or wife in a place with leering somalis, pakistanis, and God knows what else. I personally think it is a terrorist money laundering front, but then I am a bit paranoid.

  • Asad says:
    On Wednesday 11/3/10 8:50 PM
    Alhamdulillah! The food is really great in a word.

  • Moon says:
    On Wednesday 9/29/10 8:53 AM
    Wohoooo Alhamdulilah they serve Halal Zabiha meat :)

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