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Malibu Pizza and Pasta

View Map 3355 Dempster St., Skokie
Tel: (847) 675-2847
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12 Review(s) Total

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  • Karen says:
    On Tuesday 11/25/08 3:30 PM
    I think that if anyone says something bad about this restaurant, they must own another biz nearby and thats all.

  • Karen says:
    On Tuesday 11/25/08 3:25 PM
    Best Pizza in America, (and Iv'e been to many places) Servers were so kind and helpful. Clean and adorable beach theme. My family loves to come here.

  • Janet says:
    On Wednesday 8/20/08 8:07 AM
    decor is great, service is terrible. sat for 45 minutes before anyone realized we weren't being served. owner asked us why we didn't tell him we weren't being served. we said we thought we were just waiting our turn. then the waitress lost our order and they ran out of salad. took our order again and 20 minutes later we were all eating although the food was not good.

  • Sarah says:
    On Thursday 5/17/07 1:02 PM
    Best restaurant in Skokie...for all you haters, you must be smokin something or own another kosher place in chicago because the place is so much fun and to top it off the pizza is amazing. if you havent been here yet, u must go soon!

  • Danielle says:
    On Monday 1/29/07 5:06 PM
    Danalis used to be my sister's and my favorite place, not any longer. WE LOVE THIS PLACE! It is the best pizza, it is awesome! I love the decorations, and it feels like home. They always give me what I want with a smile, never a frown from a request. I cannot say that about all the other places. You cannot go wrong here.

  • Jacob Cohen says:
    On Friday 1/19/07 3:31 PM
    Malibu s terrible. Its is so pricy and the food isnt even worth tring. The food is worse than mediocre on the exception of the quesadillas with are just above mediocre. The best koshe pizza in Chicago is Tel Aviv

  • avi says:
    On Saturday 1/6/07 10:27 PM
    Just went to ken's diner and Malibu Pizza for the first time. I'm new to Chicago and have to say that it's better than anything i've ever had in New York.

    Good going to the owners.

  • white skills says:
    On Wednesday 1/3/07 11:18 PM
    I've been to malibu pizza a few times and found the food to be great. I also love the idea of live music. Yes they could make the menu larger, and i think they will but the food they do put out is great. The place also looks like something right off Malibu beach.

  • brad says:
    On Wednesday 1/3/07 5:50 PM
    Great food

  • Rob says:
    On Tuesday 12/26/06 10:30 PM
    the pizza is real good, tasty sause and the perfect amount of cheese. FREST mushrooms & peppers! Give it a try.

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