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Butterfly Social Club

View Map722 W. Grand Ave., Chicago
Tel: (312) 666-1695
View Website
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Editorial Review of Butterfly Social Club

Considering the emphasis on going green in Chicago—from building design to eco-friendly commuting—it's about time we got the chance to party green, too.

Although grateful for his success with Funky Buddha Lounge, owner Mark Klemen was sick of catering to the unhealthy lifestyle associated with clubbing, so he enlisted the help of local green builder and cobb artist Miguel Eliot to build the antithesis of most nightlife spots. Created entirely of sustainable and organic sand, clay and straw, Butterfly's design is steeped heavily in Mayan ideology. The heads of gods and goddesses separate the benches on which patrons sit, a replica of the famous pyramid Chichen Itza sits behind the bar, and images of an eagle (male) and condor (female) help guide clubbers to the appropriate washroom. A natural color palate of soft reds, tans, pinks and blues paint the space, and authentic leaves hang gently from the clay trees sculpted on the walls.

The club goes out of its way to drive the whole sustainable living point home: All of the building materials come from local resources, and Eliot even used rubble from Cabrini Green to form the foundation of the benches.

Klemen's club is an ideal spot for people who don't want their healthy, active lifestyles to take a backseat when it comes to going out for a night of partying. The club is partially solar and wind-powered, and patrons who want to help power the DJ booth can spend time peddling one of the two bikes inside; your peddling will be amply rewarded with discounts on organic cocktails or non-alcoholic, eco-friendly tonics and smoothies.

When it's time to buy your own drinks, you'll have to get tickets at the door because, as the staff explains, "money is dirty and we don't want the bartenders to touch it." You'll drop $20 for five tickets; each alcoholic drink costs two, non-alcoholic is one. Try the screwdriver with organic vodka and fresh squeezed O.J. (the juicer is behind the bar) or the quasi-Long Island Ice Tea made with the usual abundance of alcohol but with agave nectar and coconut water replacing the splash of Coke.

Centerstage Reviewer: Maya Henderson

User Reviews

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6 p.m.-midnight Monday-Wednesday; 9 p.m.-2 a.m. Thursday-Saturday; 6 p.m.-10 p.m. Sunday

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